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Pyst Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Game start - the place has really went down hill
Does it still work? maybe.... maybe not....
Holy s.. er cow!
For good clues call Ellen...... oh boy!
A little remodeling.... not as I remember it.
Wow... we even have trashy aliens
What the ......!
I'm not sure if anything on the island works anymore

Windows version

Title Screen
Woodstock Hippies invasion in the island of My... I mean Pyst.
John Goodman as king of PYST.
The game is supplied with a Making Of video clip.
John Goodman on the stage.
That what happens when you click on the HELP button.
Each screen is a postcard with address and letter.
Right before the Pystplex.
Is it a dentist's office now?
Each postcard features a unique hand-writing.
Lots of ads around the world.
Ah... Famous rocket of PYST island.
Inhale... Hold... Exhale!
Russians at the Chernobyl 2000-R
Nothing works anymore!
Finally, a king of PYST in the bathtub.
PYST log cabin one-in-a-lifetime offer.