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Very solid classic-style FPS Windows Maw (884)
A bad sequel to Quake? Definitely not! Windows Medicine Man (374)
Not just an engine! A Real Game!!! *gasp!* Windows Zovni (10635)
A blitz of near non-stop action, Quake II is an old school classic. Windows Steelysama (106)
An underrated classic from id Windows Idkbutlike2 (23)
More of the same. Good, but needed? Windows Geraldo Falci (13)
A let down Windows D Michael (232)
Absolutely KILLS Quake 1 and 3... Windows Mr. Me (34)
Eh....Its ok. Windows Scott Monster (1009)
Tight As A B! Windows Classic Nigel (150)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 11 4.2
Linux 26 3.3
Macintosh 10 4.0
PlayStation 33 3.6
Windows 155 3.9
Zeebo 5 4.1
Combined User Score 240 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Quake 2 doesn't replace the first game - it complements it perfectly. With single and multi-player modes as brilliant as this, there's NO excuse not to own this game. Genius.
WindowsDaily Radar (1999)
The sequel to id's massive success, Quake II effectively silences the critics of the first game by actually improving the already addictive multiplayer game and bringing a new level of graphical sophistication to the engine. Quake II's deathmatch, which sets a new multiplayer standard, demands skill and intelligence rather than sheer finger power. The only thing that takes away from the game is a single-player game that suffers from simple missions and the some of the stupidest enemies ever.
WindowsGameGenie (1998)
Quake II easily wins 5 lamps for it's overall gaming aspect. It is the most incredible game I've ever played and is definitely the best game this year. It was able to immerse me into the game in a way no other game has done before. Every detail looked and sounded perfect. The controls were simple and effective and the gameplay totally consuming -- definitely an excellent sequel to a popular original. In my opinion, Quake II is the best 3D shooter ever made. One thing is for sure, 3D games just got a whole lot better!
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 09, 1997)
Quake II easily wins 5 stars overall. It is the most incredible game I've ever played and is definitely the best game this year. Considering that I generally don't like 3D shooters because I feel they're too limited and overall quite boring, I was truly amazed by Quake II. It was able to immerse me into the game in a way no other game has done before. Every detail looked and sounded perfect. The controls were simple and effective and the gameplay totally consuming -- definitely an excellent sequel to a popular original. In my opinion, Quake II is the best 3D shooter ever made. One thing is for sure, 3D games just got a whole lot better!
WindowsPC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
All in all, no particular bells and whistles, but a welcome return to the emphasis on skill, mouse co-ordination and reflexes that Doom so perfectly honed. Network Quake was, at best, a three-weapon game. Quake II is definitely eight to nine. This is not the death-knell for network Quake. The sequel and the predecessor (especially with all the TCs) will continue side by side for quite some time.
WindowsUltra Game Players (1998)
Quake II excels in the single player experience - something the original couldn't brag about. Plus, weapons have taken a change for the better with new killers such as the railgun (think Eraser) and old faves such as the BFG making appearances. The sounds are incredibly rich, detailed, and ambient.
WindowsRiki (Feb, 1998)
Quake 2 je pravdepodobne najväčší a najúspešnejší release za rok 1997. V DOOM kategórií teda určite.
WindowsPC Jeux (Oct, 1997)
On l'attendait tous ! Après le succès remporté par Quake, ID Software place la barre beaucoup plus haut. Il va sans dire que les fans d'action 3D vont sauter de joie à la rencontre de Quake II, la nouvelle référence du genre. Procurez-vous une 3Dfx et engouffrez-vous dans Quake II. Vous n'en reviendrez pas !
95 (Apr 25, 2010)
Quelle note mettre un jeu à la fois fondateur du genre FPS mais aussi du multijoueur en ligne ? Quelle note mettre à un soft révolutionnaire et réussi sur tous les points, tant sur l'ambiance visuelle et sonore que sur l'action et le level design ? Quelle note mettre à Quake II à part la note maximale ? Le tout accompagné d'un conseil : si vous ne l'avez jamais fait, il n'est pas trop tard, Quake II est un élément essentiel pour votre culture vidéoludique.
WindowsGamezilla (Feb 03, 2001)
Quake II is the new reigning champion of 3D action gaming, period. There is not another title out there right now that can compare in terms of exploiting 3D technology, delivering incredibly solid AI and level design, and making the total gaming experience immersive, pulse-pounding, and sometimes downright frightening. Quake II gets multiplayer support down solid and reduces Internet latency to a minimum; id shows here once more why they have always been and continue to be the masters of the first-person shooter that they almost single-handedly invented, nurtured, and sustained. Over the years since Wolfenstein 3D, their competition has steadily grown, innovated and upped the ante, but they have never been able to overtake or outshine id's creations, and with Quake II that remains the case.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Nov, 1999)
Quake II op de PlayStation is een mijlpaal. Waarschijnlijk is het niet mogelijk om nóg meer uit de PSX te persen en terwijl je zit te genieten van al het moois is het ook nog eens mogelijk om een bloedstollend potje deathmatch te spelen. Grote klasse!
WindowsMikroBitti (Jan, 1998)
ID Softwaren pojat saivat ottaa vastaan huomattavan määrän kritiikkiä Quaken surkeasta yksinpelistä. Erikseen julkaistut Mission Packit auttoivat jonkin verran, mutta Quake 2 on vihdoin täydellinen korjaus asiaan.
WindowsPC Play (Jan, 1998)
Quake II neće biti revolucionarna igra kao Quake ili Doom, ali će zasigurno ostaviti dubok trag u svome žanru. Quake II je pokazatelj kako se igre brzo razvijaju i mijenjaju, a mi možemo samo stići dobro se zabaviti i razmišljati što nas tek čeka u budućnosti.
WindowsElectric Games (1998)
Instead of a major overhaul, the developers at id have spent their time wisely altering small features, like the light sourcing, crouching, weapon kick, and about a dozen or so other small features. Quake was already a technological marvel when it was released, and Quake II is it's more refined brother. Single player mode has been enhanced, although still needs some work on aspects like color. The technology is certain to be put to better use by other companies in terms of single player mode, but Quake II is still a satisfying game that will not disappoint fans of the original. Lots of little changes from Quake make for a vastly improved game overall. Bottom Line: Lots of little changes to the Quake engine that really polishes what was fine technology to begin with. Intelligent mission objectives give single play mode an added boost. Much improved level design, although many of the levels do look similar. Colors are still drab, and map feature is still annoyingly absent.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Dec 31, 1997)
Je hebt ondertussen wel al gemerkt dat ik van Quake 2 danig onder de indruk ben. Dit meesterwerk van ID software heeft dan ook alles om een 3D fanaat te boeien en je kan zien dat bij dit spel niets aan het toeval is overgelaten. Heb je nog nooit een 3D shooter gespeeld, dan is nu de tijd gekomen om daar iets aan te veranderen. Kopen of voor de rest van je leven in onwetendheid leven zou ik zeggen.
WindowsReset (Jan, 1998)
[Review part 1] Jak zamknąć w kilku zdaniach to, co zdarzyło się dziewiątego grudnia? To prawie niewykonalne... Jednego jestem pewien: opłaciło się czekać. Id Software dotrzymało praktycznie wszystkich obietnic, nie pozostawiając wiele miejsca na błędy.
WindowsCD-Action (Feb, 1998)
Id Software po raz kolejny udowodniło, że są jedną z najlepszych firm programistycznych świata. Były głosy, że Hexen II może okazać się lepszy. Myślę, że nie. Quake II na razie pokonał wszystkich. Poczekajmy co dalej i życzmy sobie, aby w tym roku takich gier pojawiło się jak najwięcej.
WindowsScore (Jan, 1998)
Na Quaka II si budete muset zvykat. Když jsem jej zhruba týden před uzávěrkou začal hrát, nijak zvláště mne nezaujal, nakonec jsem se však ze sedmičky vyšplhal ještě o dva stupně výše. Od absolutního verdiktu Quaka II uchránil pouze Jedi Knight, který svou přítomností překazil id Softu ambice na bezkonkurenční nadvládu v 3d-akčním žánru a oba nyní ruku v ruce odrážejí zatím nedůstojné pokusy o převrat. Pokud jste však milovali Quaka či pokud máte přístup k obrovskému množství přídavných misí a jiných add-onů, které se zakrátko objeví na Internetu, bez uzardění si připočtěte ještě jeden bodík - pro vás to bude hra roku a nejlepší 3d-akční hra vůbec.
WindowsMeristation (Dec 18, 1995)
Quake II es otro arcade 3D, sí. Negar lo evidente no sirve de nada. Pero añade los elementos suficientes para que el género no se estanque y para resultar, por sí solo, uno de los títulos a tener en cuenta en toda 'juegoteca' que se precie.
MacintoshHappyPuppy (Aug 12, 1999)
Ultimately, Quake II comes across as a yummy appetizer for the smorgasbord of killer games that are finally coming to the Mac. Unreal, which was ported over about a year ago despite being released after Quake II, has slightly better graphics and a more engaging single player mode. Its multiplayer mode, however, blew chunks for a long time and now that it's fixed, no one plays. Quake III: Arena, from what we've seen, is a definite leap ahead in graphics and multiplayer gameplay, but we're not going to see a released version of that for a while. Quake II, however, is out now, and has an enormous install base. Not that it justifies the delay, but we've been spared the stream of bug fixes that plagued the Windows release. Logicware did an excellent job porting this puppy, and it showcases the power of the latest graphics chips quite well. And I'm looking forward to someone tapping that wellspring of mods to port over.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 1998)
Does QII deliver on the promise of being a solid sequel? Well, in a word, yes. There are a few missing ingredients – co-op multiplayer and specific DeathMatch levels, to name two – but the improved single-player gameplay and stellar lighting effects (when running accelerated), not to mention a plausible back story, do take QII beyond the QUAKE experience. If you're a QUAKE zealot, then QUAKE II is an absolute must-have. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, pick up a copy and find out.
WindowsEdge (Dec 23, 1997)
Quake II has been hailed as one of the best PC games ever, and it‘s difficult to disagree with this assessment. It moves the whole Doom-style genre forward, skipping at least one entire generation in the process, and is undoubtedly id Software‘s crowning glory. The thought of what Carmack and co might achieve with Trinity, their next release, is almost frightening.
PlayStationGamezilla (Dec 13, 1999)
I would definitely recommend Quake II to any Playstation owner who enjoys first-person shooters. It is really a well-done version of one of the most popular games originally brought out on a PC. The folks at Activision have definitely scored another winner with this version on the Playstation. If action’s what you want, action’s what you’ll get! Just remember, only the stong will survive! Keep your finger on the trigger and beware of everything around you. Listening is just as important as keeping your eyes open. The enemies will make sounds that will clue you in that they’re nearby. Keep looking around and be ready! If you’re quick on your feet, you just might make it through. The planet is counting on you. Good luck, warrior.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Jan 01, 2000)
Playstation's Quake II moves just as quickly as on the PC, which means that your palms will start sweating when you turn a corner and run into three Gunners and a Berzerker. The graphics might not be perfect, but the sound effects and music are just as good. This isn't your PC's Quake, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
WindowsGameSpot (Dec 19, 1997)
Whatever else may be said about Quake II, one thing is certain: It is the only first-person shooter to render the original Quake entirely obsolete. Within moments of starting the game, it is safe to say that all but the most irrationally loyal players will acknowledge that Quake II is better than the original in every respect, and that no one who can afford to upgrade will have any reason to ever load Quake again. Considering the countless hours invested by countless players in the game, that's a remarkable achievement.
PlayStationIGN (Oct 15, 1999)
There is no question that Quake II was a landmark game on the PC. On the PlayStation, it is merely a very good game among other very good games. The single player experience is rock solid, but after your 13th or 14th level, it definitely gets repetitive. This isn't so much the problem with Hammerhead's port, as it is with the game itself, which is really a multiplayer game at heart.
85 (Mar 19, 2007)
Quake 2 est un FPS d’une rare intensité. Avec un environnement moins original que l’épisode précédent, il parvient encore à imposer cette ambiance glauque faite de métal et de sang en solo, et est une véritable tuerie en multi. ID Software frappe à nouveau là où ça fait mal, et ce sont encore les joueurs qui y gagnent. Réservez vos soirées après l’achat du jeu et pensez à inviter vos potes (et de la bière).
AmigaObligement (Feb, 2003)
Quake 2 n'a pas vraiment de points faibles. On peut juste lui reprocher d'être classique dans son genre et d'arriver un peu tard sur Amiga. Pour le reste, c'est un succès total avec de l'action à plein tube, de nombreuses heures de jeu en perspective et tout cela tournant parfaitement bien sûr les Amiga PowerPC actuels.
85 (Oct 12, 1999)
Dans un genre qui fait quelquefois défaut à la PlayStation, Quake 2 se trouve être une bonne adaptation de la version console ET le meilleur jeu de ce type sur cette console. Tout est réglé au mieux pour les capacités de la Play tout en gardant un gameplay avec la manette acceptable. Un Classique enfin bien porté sur console !
WindowsGame Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
So what do we make of these "best game ever created" claims? Look who they are coming from: the technoid Quake freaks. This is the best game technology on the market. But "best technology" is not equivalent to "best game." If "best game" is equivalent to "most fun" (and it should be, shouldn't it?) then Quake II may not be any "better" than the original Quake. If you are tired of Quake, fine. Get Quake II. You'll play the same fun game in a different looking environment, and it will get better as Quake fans start modifying it. But why not try Jedi Knight, where you use cool force powers and a lightsaber? Or Hexen II with interesting magic and different character classes? Why not wait for Daikatana, Half-Life, Unreal, Sin or Prey and see how these 1998 games compare? If you need something to tide you over while you wait for the next true innovator, why not pull out your old copy of DOOM. You might be surprised how fun it still is.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jan, 1998)
So merkt man Quake 2 jede Minute an, welche in die aufwendige Grafik statt ins Spieldesign floß. Ob es nun die zu lange Wartezeiten beim Waffenwechsel sind oder die hakeligen Stellen, an denen mein Bildschirmego wie auf einer feuchten Teerstraße hängenbleibt.
MacintoshIGN (Jun 10, 2002)
Much like the release of Quake I for Mac, Quake II's debuts is on the eve of Quake III Arena coming out. The big difference between the releases of Quake I and Quake II is that shortly after Quake II comes out, Quake III will be released as well, making Q2 look like the two year old game that it is.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 21, 1999)
If you’re a PSX owner and you’ve been wondering what the whole Quake 2 phenomenon is all about, here’s your chance to find out. You’re not going to get any closer to it than this without going out and buying a $1,000 computer, which makes this port a considerable bargain. Alternately, if you’re just looking for an awesome multiplayer deathmatch, which is something the PSX currently lacks, I can recommend no title more than Q2. HammerHead has created a nearly flawless port of the PC classic we have all come to know and love.
MacintoshMacworld (Dec, 1999)
Quake II doesn't offer a storyline any more compelling than the original Quake's, but network gaming benefits from the same enhancements found in the single-player game–a slew of new weapons, the ability to duck, and a wider variety of maps. In either single-player or multiplayer mode, for careening-through-corridor-carnage satisfaction, Quake II is a must-have.
PlayStationPSM (Dec, 1999)
Still, if you are even remotely interested in the genre, Quake II is a must-have. It has great graphics, a fast and consistent framerate, and plenty of replay value.You can even gather three of your friends together and play against them in an ultimate deathmatch competition.
WindowsAll Game Guide (1998)
If not for the multi-player aspect, Quake II would just be another ho-hum corridor shooter. The game itself is good but lacks the inspiration needed to carry it above all other 3D corridor shooters released prior to 1997.
In the end, Quake II proves to be Quake-killer only in the sense that it is that game's follow-up. Like a sequel, it builds on the work of the original and remains familiar and faithful to its theme. Quake II doesn't break any new ground, so to speak, but it still shows that nobody does id better.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1999)
While Quake II is neither the pinnacle of the technological gaming heap, nor a significant improvement over the gameplay experiences offered by other competing games, one must look at the big picture surrounding QII. This game is a milestone, one that set the trend for a whole slew of games that followed it. It's hard not to hold such a golden piece of software in anything less than reverence.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Jan 18, 2000)
The legendary and once champion of deathmatch gaming Quake 2 has been a long time coming to the Mac. Mac gamers will remember John Carmack's outspoken attitudes about 3D gaming on the Mac as he fingered its lack of OpenGL and adequate hardware acceleration. Therefore, Mac gamers plugged away at Quake 1, and although we have enjoyed it for years, we were left out in the cold, drooling over its sequel. Now that Quake 2 has finally appeared, should we be excited, or should we even care? Well, yes and no…
PlayStationGameSpot (Oct 22, 1999)
Yes, Quake II, the game PC owners have been enjoying for a long time, has finally made it to the PlayStation. Being a fan of PC first-person shooters, I was less than excited. I mean, I've already played the single-player to death on the PC, and multiplayer FPS games on a console are usually quite pathetic. The N64 version was pretty good, provided that you could look past the flaws that most fans of the PC version would notice in the first 20 seconds. The PlayStation version has many of these same flaws, but given the PlayStation's rapidly aging hardware, it's easier to overlook these flaws. While you may not remain interested in the single-player mission to see it to its completion, the four-player multiplayer in Quake II will make you glad you had picked up a multitap and three extra Dual Shocks.
PlayStationRetroage (Feb 15, 2014)
Podsumowując Quake II w wersji na PSX byłby świetnym FPSem, gdyby nie zawalone sterowanie, które psuje całą zabawę z rozgrywki. Dość dobry tryb single player (chociaż całkowicie pozbawiony fabuły) oraz niezły multiplayer częściowo ratują tę grę. Jest to jeden z lepszych shooterów na PSX, ale jednocześnie najsłabszą wersją ze wszystkich wydanych na różne platformy. Jeśli naprawdę chcecie zagrać w zbliżoną do oryginału wersję na konsolach, lepiej sięgnąć po liczne konwersje, których powstanie było możliwe dzięki uwolnieniu kodu gry przez producentów. Warto zapoznać się także z Amigowym Q2, czy też świetnym homebrew na Nintendo Wii.
WindowsHonestGamers (Staff reviews only) (Dec 30, 2011)
It all adds up to a game that's strong, and still fun to play. Its combat is much more impactful than that of its predecessor, and it did a commendable job of attempting to tell a story – albeit one that seems bland by today's standards.
PlayStationGamereactor (Denmark) (Nov 03, 1999)
Et svagt ´køb´ anbefales fra min side, for der er mange elementer som udvikleren skulle have brugt mere tid på, før spillet kom i handlen. Multiplayer delen trækker dog helt sikkert op i den samlede bedømmelse.
MacintoshMac Game Gate (1999)
I would highly recommend this game to anyone interested in high speed, adrenaline filled on-line or LAN based Deathmatch play, but for anyone looking for solo thrills, look elsewhere.
WindowsGénération 4 (Jan, 1998)
Malgré une ambiance un peu soft, on se laisse encore une fois prendre au jeu de massacre que nous propose ID Software. Quelques bonnes trouvailles et un principe de jeu moins linéaire que le premier Quake contribuent à donner une excellent impression de l'ensemble.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Dec, 1999)
Quake II for the Playstation does a decent job of bringing the speed and slaughter over from the PC, but for most people this is a case of been there, done that. Quake 3 Arena is already out, and if you're reading this review, I'm hedging my bets that you already own a computer. The recently released Medal of Honor has shown what first-person shooting can be on the Playstation. With Quake II, you just know that there's more to it than you'll find in this version - expansions, network gaming, map creation, etc. This one just shines better on a computer.
WindowsReset (Feb, 1998)
[Review part 2] W trybie multiplayer Quake 2 pokazuje swoje drugie oblicze.