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SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (Jan, 1996)
For armchair quarterbacks, this game is a dream come true. Players looking for a comprehensive football experience should definitely look elsewhere, though.
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Dec, 1995)
I've never been fond of full-motion video as an element for a game, but this title caught my interest. The Inside-the-QB helmet-cam is a nice touch as well as other unique perspectives. For once in your life, you can be the quarterback and see how it really works in the big game with a real football environment.
3DOGamePro (US) (Jan, 1996)
Good looks and little strategic challenge add up to fun the first time around but no the second. QB Attack scores - just not enough to win.
DOSPC Gamer (Mar, 1996)
It's no secret that Digital Pictures has been committed from the start to the idea of the full-motion video as the basis for all of their games, and more often than not their previous titles have suffered from the restrictions of that medium, offering limited interaction and little replay value. But to their credit, their newest FMV offering, Quarterback Attack, is a substantial improvement over Night Trap or Scotty Pippen's Slam City. The bad news is that, for most fans of PC football games, that's just not good enough. (--Steve Poole)
In all seriousness, QB Attack is not good. The only interaction is on passing plays and the repetitiveness of the film footage is annoying. Ditka should be ashamed, except of course, he is perfect and therefore blameless.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic (Sep 12, 2008)
As you can imagine, the first time you play this thing, it's confusing as hell. I assumed Digital Pictures gave out free hot dogs to put people in the stands, but closer scrutiny shows that most of the crowd is actually cardboard cut-outs! And hey - was there anybody available under the age of 90 to play the ref? That guy can barely raise his arms! I love how during halftime Ditka motivates his team with idiotic lines like "It's either them or us, and my money's on us!" and "Interceptions are killing us! Don't throw any more!" Quarterback Attack is so bad that it's worth playing just so you can see how bad a video game can be.