Quartet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Character Selection
The beginning
First of the enemies
Score multiplier
Boss 1 of 2
Using the key to open the door
Presentation Ceremony
Riding around in a jet-pack
Indoors now
Boss 2 of 2
What a pretty place that is
High-tech place
On a conveyor belt
Another high-tech place
The lego block allows you to jump in the air

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Hero.
Stage 01.
Using the Jet-Pack.
Get that coin.
Need the key.
Destroy that boss.
There's the key.
Well Done.
Blast it.
Crawling to get a bonus.

Commodore 64 version

Choose a character
Level 1
Get this power-up to freeze all inhabitants on screen
Boss 1 of 2
Get the key to unlock the exit
Now carrying the key
Level Complete
Still in space...
Killed by an inhabitant
Level 3
Climbing a ladder
Beware the bullseye
Boss 2 of 2
Level 5
Level 7
Level 9

SEGA Master System version

Japanese title screen
Round 1
Get this blue thing that inhabitants leave for points
To make it easier for yourself, get the jet-pack
Hovering between two dangerous mushrooms
Round 1 Boss
Get the key to unlock the exit
Round 2
Icy Area
Round 2 Boss
Round 3
The skull is your warning not to go any further
Round 3 Boss
Round 4
Round 4 Boss
Mary has just been promoted to captain
Round 5
Round 5 Boss

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Choose your player
Define keys
Level 1