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iTunes Store Description:
    Anna Holinski stars as a treasure hunter looking for rare gems deep underground in this casual action game. It's completely free to play! Anna will be constantly chattering at you during her excavations! With simple controls, anyone will be able to pick-up and play. So let's start digging!

    Information about ""Queen of Digs""

    Rules Take control of archeologist/treasure hunter Anna Holinski and guide her through excavations deep underground to find metals and treasures. Everything you bring back to the surface can be sold for profit. Beware of running out of fuel or overheating your machine because it will end your game. The key will always be to get back to the surface safely with your haul!

    Money, Shop and Power-ups When you have enough money, head to the shop to power-up! Power-up your fuel tank so that you can dig for a longer period of time. The drill power-up will allow you to break through hard rocks. Don't forget about the cargo power-up that allows you to carry more gems and metals. Carefully consider your power-ups and delve deep underground.

    Roulette The shop sells lots of useful items for your adventure, but if you take a chance with spinning the roulette, there's the possibility of getting things at a bargain. Though, things may not always go your way. If you're a lucky soul, take the roulette for a spin!

    Mission In addition to collecting treasures, there are lots of 'missions' to achieve. Completing missions offers a lot of bonus money. Try your hand at completing all the missions.

    Stage Variety There are various caverns to be explored. Start with Stage 1 and try to reach the bottom of the cavern. If you succeed, that will open up an additional stage. Can you complete all the stages?

    Share with Social Media Share your achievements on social media and get rewarded with x 1.5 bonus. Keep sharing and see your money roll in!

    Contributed by Ms. Tea (29851) on Sep 12, 2019.