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Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Basic selection screen
Choose a character you would like to impersonate in.
The inn - place when you can rest and eat for free
Fountain plaza. One of the places of interest
Currency exchange and the pawnshop.
Stable where you can keep your saurus
Overlook of the town
Aziza - a woman of charm and wisdom
Raseir - the second town you will travel to.
The inn in Raseir. You can sleep here only in the night.
Watch the end sequence to the end and you will see the incense for the third part which happened to be the fourth ;-)

DOS version

Title screen
Choosing a character type
Naming and assigning values
Shameen's place of business
Keapon Laffin's shop
The apothecary
The money changer
Practicing with Uhura
One of Shapeir's plazas
Leaving Shapeir
Home of Aziza the magician
Oasis at daytime
Oasis at night
Meeting the astrologer - a reference to "Hair"! :) (the line comes from the musical/film's opening song "Aquarius")
Another Easter egg - a reference to "Conquests of Camelot"
In the oppressive, unpleasant and seedy city of Raseir (Sierra anagram!)
At the ancient temple
Crossing the waterfall
Crossing a volcanic cave
Playing as a Wizard - entrance to W.I.T.
Playing as a Thief - the money changer at night
"The smell of victory"
Accommodation at Blue Parrot Inn
A bit of illegal business (the best looking place of all where you can steal something)...
Blue Parrot Inn at night
The harem - a scene exclusive to the Thief, and it's "only" EGA!
A precarious situation...
Failure 1: Shapeir scorched by the Fire Elemental (too bad the city will look just the same when destroyed by the other elementals)
Failure 2: Iblis awakens!
You have been deceived by Ad Avis!
Shema dancing (in a feline belly dance outfit, including panties with a tail hole ;))
Playing as a Fighter - EOF initiation