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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Naming character and assigning attributes
Leaving the city
In the Dead Parrot
Famous Adventurer's Correspondance School
Making trouble
In the palace
Outside the arena
A funny beginning: you're floating in the air while Erasmus is talking.
You can choose whether to go to Silmaria or to face the enemy immediately
Looking at objects
On-line manual
Equipment and statistics
You start your quest here
Talking to NPCs
Dialogue choices
The game makes commentaries to your actions
Various ways of interacting with an object
Game Over
The five heroes prepare to compete in the Rites of Rulership for the title of King of Silmaria
Fighting in the arena. Elsa Von Spielberg is one extremely powerful fighter. Guess being raised as a Bandit Queen has it's advantages.
Confronting the mighty leader of the invading army, General Claudius, in the Rite of Conquest
You and Elsa battle the deadly Hydra in the Rite of Valor.
The hero chats with the Oracle in the Rite of Destiny, who finally coins the phrase for the series' name
In the Rite of Courage, the hero takes on the three-headed hound Cerberus, guardian of the gate to Hades
In Hades, the hero is given the choice of resurrecting one of the two women who've fallen in love with him... the good mage Erana or the Dark Master Katrina
Reminescing with your old adversary Katrina about the wacky experiences you shared in Quest for Glory 4.
A big battle against the denizens of Atlantis in the Rite of Peace. Based on the title of this rite, the 'kill everything that moves' approach might not be the correct one.
The hero finally gets to settle his score against Bruno, your old adversary from Quest for Glory 1.
The hero makes a mess out of Minos' living room with his Dragonfire spell, the most powerful spell in the game.
Meeting Minos' mighty mean Minotaur (say that three times fast).
The Dragon of Doom, the ultimate challenge in the hero's long and distinguished career.
Friends and foes from previous games show up to help you battle the Dragon of Doom.
Blowing up a food seller in the marketplace. Unlike previous games you are allowed to murder innocent bystanders, but if you do no one will talk with you and every guard in Silmaria shows up to try and beat you down.
Side-quest to help Innkeeper Anne by providing the evening's entertainment. You've faced ogre sorceresses, evil wizards, demon lords, and even the Dark One, but this is your greatest challenge ever... dancing in a Harem Outfit!