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Qwak Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

It's raining fruit!
Be careful not to turn into this
Don't take too long either or these appear
"It's freezing out here"
"I can't believe that these enemies are almost the same in each level!"
A gold key with wings
Propeller Head
"We must be close to the moon"
One of the guardian levels
"Who turned out the lights? I can't see a damn thing!!"
Strange Place

Game Boy Advance version

Main menu
Welcome to Qwak
Scene 1
The first level
I finished scene 1.
My bonus score
Scene 2. I am entering via balloon.
Ooopsadaisy. I lost a life. Try again.
I lost my last life. Game over.
I got a high score.
Entering my name for high score.
The high scores
Press A to continue.
If you wait too long in a level, it starts raining spikes.

iPhone version

Title screen ("lite" demo version)
Start menu ("lite" demo version)
Greeting ("lite" demo version)
Starting a tutorial level the same as the others, with a balloon ride! ("lite" demo version)
Helpful tutorial orientation ("lite" demo version)
Starting a real level ("lite" demo version)
Completing a real level ("lite" demo version)
That level is really, really complete ("lite" demo version)
Level bonus calculation ("lite" demo version)
A different level bonus achievement ("lite" demo version)
Dying ("lite" demo version)

Windows version

Title screen (demo)
Starting a tutorial level
Your objectives are well-marked
The tutorial explains what all the sparkly bonuses do
End-of-level point tally
Entering the next level... via balloon!
Armoured up but standing on a precarious crumbling platform
The exit is open!
These spikes aren't too hard to avoid, but wait too long and their brothers join them
Further instructions and a massive enemy
Environmental manipulation
Demo nag screen
Treasure level -- load up with as much as you can!
Flying rocket boots
Riding a bubble
Choosing a level
High score entry!
Starting a two-player game
There we are.