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Rainbow Fish and the Whale Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Signing in
Choosing a difficulty level: yellow=easy, red=harder
Rainbow Fish finds himself inside Whale
The object of this game is to catch Giggles, and not the other bits of junk that also pop out of the coral
Rainbow Fish receives a hint from Blue. Behind them is Whale's broken geyser machine
The scenes between action screens are beautifully done
Rainbow Fish must figure out how to get past this spider
Molo is held captive by the crab brothers, who will try to pinch Rainbow Fish as he passes by
These colorful mussels need to be herded into separate groups
Ruby is trapped inside a bubble
Vocal Coral, singing a song to call up Sea Filly
Clicking these eels will make them drop the sea urchins they hold
Once rescued, the sea urchins will be put back to work on the geyser machine
Mr. and Mrs. Seahorse long for a baby, but can't free her from her flower
In this peculiar scenario, clicking the jellyfish will make them spit out seeds to break the flower-bubble and let it bloom
The little purple creatures must be herded away as Rainbow Fish travels from lighted gem to lighted gem. This opens a blocked passage
This angry-looking walrus only wants to get loose
Remembering a rhyme heard fairly early on will help Rainbow Fish and friends exit Whale