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Rainbow Islands Extra Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Part of the Rainbow Project (tm)
Extra Extra!
Map of the islands
The beginning, Darius enemies
End of the level 1, island 1
All the diamonds collected, alas not in the correct order
Not your biggest fan, even though it's battleship sized
Down you go!
More riches than you can imagine
Moving on
Level 1, island 2

FM Towns version

Title screen
Map of the 7 rainbow islands
Demo, you can also switch the language to English in the option menu
Main menu
Option menu
Start of the game: Insect Island with Darius Island enemies (and music)
First boss is an... Electric Fan
The second island is Combat Island and it features enemies from another Taito game - "The Fairyland Story"
You have unlimited continues, and you can save your progress on a floppy disk
Monster Island
Player 2 reaching the goal, notice Bobby (player 2) has a blue shirt while Bubby's (player 1) shirt is green
Red Devil boss

Genesis version

Too many rainbows must mean there was rain and here comes a flood!