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Rainbow Islands Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Conversion project title
Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Level overview
Level 1 starting point
High tide in level 1

Amstrad CPC version

One of the levels in Insect Island
Shooting rainbows
Hurry up, or the level will flood
Reached the goal
Collected two emeralds
The bees seem to be coming out of that pumpkin
With more points earned, you can shoot more than one rainbow
One of the levels in Combat Island
Each time you destroy a boss, you'll receive 100,000 points

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Map of the islands.
Round 1.
Let's Go.
Throwing Rainbows.
Done it.
Getting higher.
Avoid the enemies.
Collect those flowers.
Crushed rainbow
Nearly at the top.
Here comes the boss.
Trying to avoid him.
Next world
Army's level
Deadly wall-block
Rainbows are only way
Second boss fight
Life lost

Atari ST version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
The next level.
Let's go.
Shooting rainbows.
Made it.

Commodore 64 version

The beginning
Shooting a rainbow
A group of little red stairs circle off the screen
Got one emerald
Level complete
Better do what the game says...
...or this might happen
Five emeralds collected
1-up, obtained all seven emeralds
"I used to have one of those little toy trucks when I was just a kid."
Lethal tanks
Manage to collect all seven emeralds to obtain a fairly large one
Terrible dragon. I will survive.

Game Boy Color version

A part of the introduction
Map of the Rainbow Islands
The Get Ready screen
The beginning
Falling down
Shooting a rainbow
Hurry up, or you will be flooded
Score many points, and you could end up shooting two rainbows instead of one
Reached the goal
The boss of Insect Island
When defeated, bosses turn blue
Combat Island
Collected six emeralds so far, now just one more to go
The boss of Combat Island
Monster Island
Toy Island
Doh Island
Robot Island
Killed by enemy
Continue screen

NES version

Title screen
Select the number of players
A map of the Rainbow Islands
Get ready
Starting out on Insect Island

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Level select
Getting started... it's all pretty simple in the beginning
Yup, completed Stage 1!
Killed by pesky insects
Wow... That's... a lot of food
Building bridges. Black bird is watching from above
A more "urban" structure...
Scaling the castle wall
Boss battle: giant spider!..
Lots of treasure after having defeated the boss
This group of levels has a somewhat pastoral theme
Cannons & tanks
Cute helicopters :)
Boss battle: giant cute helicopter :)
Hey, pal! Am I looking in the mirror, or are you really that ugly? Har, har, har!!..
My rainbows are the only colorful spot in these dark levels...
Small houses, carrots, killer birds... oh my! What a life!..
I need a drink... :)
Intense battle in a castle
I feel lonely... it's only me and the rainbows in the darkness...
Killed by skeletons
Wow, that's... a lot of bricks
Super-attack that kills all enemies. You know why there are no enemies on this screenshot? BECAUSE I KILLED THEM ALL WITH A SUPER-ATTACK!!..
Boss battle: giant vampire
The cutesy theme returns!..

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
The map appears at the beginning of an island to show you where you are in the rainbow islands
There are all kinds of insects including these
These ladybirds look cute but they are very nasty
You can use your rainbows to climb up higher
The level ends when you reach the top of the level
Some pick ups give you the ability to throw a double rainbow in one go
Jumping into these stars makes them explode and shoot in all directions killing any enemies in its path
The first boss you come up against is a giant spider
Enemies from bubble bobble
Life lost