RalliSport Challenge Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start a new game or jump right into a race.
Game Menu
Four different race types
Lots of cars to choose from
Camera pans around the cars before the race
'Front of Car' point of view
'Behind and close' point of view
'Drive by camera' point of view
Rolling your car causes damage that will stay throughout the race.
'Behind and far' point of view
'Driver' point of view
Mediterranean race
The rainbow adds great effects to the race.
The occasional crowd to cheer you on
Safari race with lots of little jumps.
Sliding through the curve
Replay the race with lots of different camera angles
If you can't beat 'em ram 'em

Xbox version

Main Menu
Pick a car
Pick a course
Race Start
Over take another car
Bumper cam on straight away
Race stats
Replay race with multi-cam angles
Seriousslide off
Fender cam
To the scene cam
Past the scene cam
Side scene
Finished race
Select something slippery
Some courses are locked until addition skill is achieved
Some cars are locked until later as well
Ice course overtaking car
Hey look its the Michelin Man!
Seeing the world sideways
Instant action dirt course
Taking the corner wide and REALLY high
Concrete barricade at 100mph … uh oh!
Launch! The view hood cam - the world sideways
Pulling a 360... half way around
Almost around back to the wheels
Crunch! Missed it by that much!