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Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The intro begins. Hmm, something seems wrong...
The intro continues... Oh no! What happened here?..
Beginning character generation
Character creation: each race is represented by a symbolic picture.
Lots of different faces to choose for your heroine
Your first battle against an assassin
You are mysteriously teleported to another area
Exploring ruins. Does the dead body hold a secret?
You are attacked by vicious worgs!..
You were killed in combat
Your characters will often comment on the situation
You've found a secret underground passage
Area map fills itself out as you explore. very handy feature!..
You found a goblin camp. The goblins are annoyed
Memorizing spells! Don't forget to do that
Some encounters will lead to plot-related scenes.
The entrance to Barovia, the game's only town
Barovia during the day. It's a pretty large, but mostly uneventful place. The architecture here is somewhat depressing.
Barovia during the night. The atmosphere is really well-done
Talking with the local bartender
You'll need something in order to be able to enter this mysterious portal...
Inventory with all sorts of equipment and items showing
You've discovered a house with a crazy mage in it. Also, my main character is poisoned
Look, it's a cat!..
The werewolf is too tough to defeat at this stage of the game...
Zombies liberally roam the Northern part of Old Svalich Road!..
An encounter with a mad old hag. The writing is pretty good!
Fancy decorations in the burgomaster's house
Chatting with an attractive female elf - she can join the party!..
Castle Ravenloft. You'll come here again much later
Cutscene: the titular Strahd, a mysterious man indeed...
Fighting a skeleton warrior in a cave dungeon
There are some nice treasures to be found in the game's long and complex dungeons. To the left, you can see some cleric spells
You'll discover some interesting documents during the course of the game
Exploring the old church. My mage stupidly casts Magic Missile on this plot-related character
Nice detail: books and some trinkets. Unfortunately, none is interactive
Cemetery Grounds - fighting undead. They can drain your levels at a ridiculous speed. You paralyze this ghoul, but are paralyzed yourself!..
A fearsome undead warrior protects this tomb
A banshee! Uh-oh... I don't think I'll win this fight any time soon
Dark, moody stories await you in the game. Most of them, however, are mandatory
Werebats! They look... big

FM Towns version

Title screen
Intro: you witness a murder...
The dying's man last request
This fortune teller will let you generate your characters
Character creation in progress
Early battle against an assassin. Pausing to bring up the menu
Spell list
Handy automap
Found some ruins with a dead man and a secret passage
The demonic wolf leaps straight at my face...
...and our party is vanquished
Goblin lair
Strahd must be lots of fun at parties
Desolate old road with skeletons
The enemy begs you to spare him
You encounter somebody who would like to join your party
The town of Barovia
Poor people's house
There are some nice decorations here and there
Bartender! Barovian beer... please!.. hic!!..
One of the few cutscenes
Ominous correction...
Party screen
Mayor's house - much fancier
Strahd's castle is heavily guarded
We finally meet face to face... well, in a moment we will
Undead near the abandoned church
There is something written there... maybe it will help me to find a way to open that door
This cool Asian female cleric will advance the story
A mysterious portal in a cave

Official Screenshots

  • Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Screenshot
    SSI Spring '94 Software demo
  • Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Screenshot
    SSI Spring '94 Software demo
  • Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Screenshot
    SSI Spring '94 Software demo
  • Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession Screenshot
    SSI Spring '94 Software demo