Advertising Blurbs

From the back of the box:
    The most deranged, psychologically brutal, senselessly violent, over-the-top, insane bloodbath ever created... is now shredding up your PC.

    Take on the psychotic persona of one of six chronically pissed off homicidal mutants as you slash and splatter your way across a lawless and unforgiving 3D morphing world.

    • 12 gruesomely-detailed, blood-soaked worlds demanding non-stop violence and mental marauding.
    • Play specialized psycho-killers (like the Consumer, a cannibalistic mutilator, and Sister Magpie, the nun from hell) against an array of ruthless and savvy enemies featuring a finale with the biggest boss ever created.
    • Insane death machinery including "Retro Ballistas" pistols, "Superior Motha" rotary cannon; "Big Bang Stick" blue plasma laser, "Gender Defender" double-fisted Uzis, and other weapons galore.
    • Radical 3/4 view with zoom capability offers unprecedented character control and environmental interaction with obstacles such as balconies, conveyor belts, and more.
    • Trashing soundtrack sends you into a homicidal rage.

    • "The mother of all blood-fests... with more gore than ever before!" - Game Fan

      "Truly a work of art... everything's just so detailed!" - Game Fan

      Killer sequel to "The Best Action Game of 1995" - Game Pro

      Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Apr 03, 2002.