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Reader Rabbit's Kindergarten Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro - Charlie the Chipmunk Counselor calls Mat the Mouse for assistance
Mat to the rescue!
Signing-in options
The main page, where the player can choose his destination or access Parent pages
Pressing CTRL + P brings up the parent options
This chart gives an overview of what Kindergarten skills are covered in each activity
The player's inventory map - all of the items must be collected to finish the game
The player must find the correct number of boards to repair the bridge and proceed
There are four pages to decorate in the Seasons Scrapbook
Number Lumber is a simple Chutes-and-Ladders strategy game
In order to reach the bear cave, the player must raise the ladder to an appropriate height using the pink arrows
Outside the bear cave there is a basic coloring game, featuring camping scenes
To find Little Bear's alarm clock the player must follow verbal clues
Before reaching each of the main games, the player must solve a simple puzzle; this one requires basic shape recognition
Reader Rabbit greets Mat at his supply hut. The clock icon o the bottom right takes the player to...
...the Camp Clock, where the player chooses an appropriate picture for the given time
"I canoe you could do it!" says Reader Rabbit
Before entering the dining cabin, the player chooses the correctly-sized stair
In Action/Reaction, the player hears a story and then chooses the best action to take next
This one wasn't it!
In Diner Lineup objects must be ordered by simple attributes