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Real Myst Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Intro falling into the fissure yet again
Loading (or linking)
Instructions for this version
Game start on the dock
Marker switch
Ah the note
Grave stone of Ti'ana
From library to clock
Myst clock gear
Game save menu
Entering Channelwood Age
Linking Channelwood
Channelwood wind mill
Water flowing from pipe
The Channelwood tree tops
Linking to the library
Inside the library
Imager message
View from Mechanical Age gear

Macintosh version

Falling into the fissure & starry expanse
Myst linking book
Game start
The docks nearing sunset on the island
Grave stone of Ti'ana
Almost night time at the cabin on the island
Night on Myst island
Sunrise over the docks on Myst island
The Sun at high noon

Windows version

Title screen
The game begins with your discovery of the Book of Myst. Just click on it and...'ll be teleported to Myst Island. This is the famous starting location - now in full 3D!
This remake allows free navigation and camera movement. Choose your angle, look around, inspect objects...
Beautiful detail in the graphics. It's middle of the day, sunny weather, birds are flying...
You've discovered a cozy-looking cabin in the woods
Discovered what looks like an outhouse... although I'm certain it's not. Check out the cool lighting effects
Outside of the Library
The Library is a "hub" of sorts for this game. You are going come back here a lot
Tower-rotating puzzle: first understand what needs to be done, then try to figure it out
A new fugue on the way?.. Go for it, Johann Sebastian!
You've managed to discover Atrus' recorded message. He tells you a lot about Myst, its history, and the bad things that happened...
There are quite a few books to read in the game. Many of them provide vital clues to the solutions of the puzzles. Some of them are also nicely illustrated
It's dusk... Magnificent effects on the sky... and a surreal view
Some books serve as traveling portals between the game's "Ages". Here you see a distorted message from one of Atrus' sons... What is he trying to tell you?..
It's been a long day... Night descends upon the Island of Myst... Stars appear on the sky...
You travel to the Channelwood Age. A beautiful, peaceful forest...
...with some high walkways you can explore
You've discovered a room with some pots
I wonder what this is... an ancient deity? A totem? Just an art work?..
Note the detail: a leaf near the pot...
Beautifully lit, quiet bedroom... Who used to live here?..
Effects: rainy weather. I'm just going to stand here and soak in the beautifully desolate atmosphere...
Underwater exploration! Glowing lights, bubbles, fishes rushing...
This Age was dominated by one of the brothers. Looks like he was quite a collector...
This puzzle involves understanding how to use a simulator program
The game has some lushly decorated, gorgeous interiors
The mysterious Selenitic Age has you exploring a surreal world of clocks, towers, walkways, giant crystals - all in cloudy, foggy weather...
Beautiful effect - the darkness just before dawn... Foreboding, ominous clouds gather on the sky...
Exploring underground tunnels. Bats fly straight at you...
Navigating a rail car through a complex maze of strange mechanical devices...
These stairs have something almost mesmerizing in them...
There are very few video sequences in the game. Here, you finally meet Atrus... But the game isn't over yet
Effects: snow! You've discovered the Rime Age - a new location and chapter not included in the game's original version
Indoor locations in Rime Age
An interesting puzzle... I wonder what is on that picture?..

Official Screenshots