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Recoil Credits

117 people (92 developers, 25 thanks)


Producer (Westwood Studios)Ronald J. Fortier
Completion Producer (Westwood Studios)Harvard Bonin
Completion Executive Producer (Westwood Studios)Mark Skaggs
Marketing DirectorLaura Miele
Product ManagerAmy Bartlett, Lincoln Dean
Public RelationsLisa Bucek-Jensen, Aaron Cohen, Christopher M. Rubyor
Editorial DirectorLisa Marcinko
Manual WriterLori Ellison
Manual DesignShawn Markert, Dino Smalles
Manual EditingRandy Greenback
Quality Assurance DirectorDavid Maxey
Quality Assurance SupervisorMichael Bijan Johnson, Stacey Mendoza
Quality Assurance ManagementMichael Meischeid, Glenn Sperry
Quality Assurance Lead AnalystShane Dietrich, Randy Greenback, Gordon L. Madison Jr.
Quality AssuranceMichael A. Ruppert, Tyler Anthony, Eric Beaumont, Lloyd Bell, Aaron Blean, Christopher Blevens, D'Andre Campbell, Jason Campbell, Michael Chatterton, Jesse Cheek, Roger Deanborn, Justin Dornan, Rob Fetzer, Joseph Gernert, D. Graham Pierce, Jonathan Hall, Tim Hall, Johann Heisey, Mark Laity, Aaron Lenz, DeMarlo Lewis, Jeff J. Love, Levi Luke, Helen Ma, Lee Mar, Scott McClellan, Tam Nguyen, Jason L. Nordgren, Ben E. Norman, Timothy Ramage, Steve Shockey, Eryc Simmerer, David Sims, Michael Smith, Randy Stafford, Jack Suzuki, Rick Williams
Quality Assurance Technical AnalystGlenn Burtis, Troy Leonard, Mick Love
Quality Assurance Data EntryRhoda Y. Anderson
Media ReplicationJonathan Gross
Westwood Online ProgrammingNeal Kettler, Kevin Scruggs
QA MascotVirgil The Tiger
Audio (uncredited)Keith Arem, Mical Pedriana

Zipper Interactive - Developer

Software TeamBrian Soderberg, Mark Heinen, Rick Jarvis, Bob Gutmann, Michael Gutmann (as Mike Gutmann), Gary Hinger, David Blevins
Art DirectorDaniel Dociu
Game DesignGeorge Sinfield (as George 'Whatup G?' Sinfield), Brian Soderberg (as Brian 'Salt-n-Peppa' Soderberg)
Art Design TeamDavid Kern (as David 'Big Wave' Kern), Russell Phillips (as Russell 'Crispy Critter' Phillips), Scott Luse (as Scott 'Scooter' Luse), Jay Banchero (as Jay 'Jack Rabbit' Banchero), Tom Sternberg (as Tom 'T Bone' Sternberg), Victor Von Beck (as Victor 'Morton' Von Beck)
BizJim Bosler
Video ProductionMondo Media
Video Production - ProducerLisa Zenner
Video Production - Art DirectorPeter Hermann
Video Production - Lead DesignerPeter E. Parisi
Video Production - DesignerKathryn Liu
Video Production - SoundJim Lively
Special ThanksJulian Rignall, Jay Mason (BEI), Tim Page, David Korus (BEI), Andy Fuller, Jason Hurdlow (BEI), Michael Horn (BEI), Bryan Blevins (BEI)
Thanks toMartin Alper, Paul Meyer, Simon Jeffery (duh!), John Hight, Scott Berlin, Scott Maples, Christopher R. Drews, Todd Piccus, Sheri & Brenda, Hayash, John Beitter, Chad Rea, Bill Marceau, Jim Bloom, Andy Mahr, Hunter, Sheri Furumi Snow (as Sheri Furumi)
German LocalisationTextFarm, Rolf D. Busch

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Simon Jeffery, 117 other games
Michael Meischeid, 92 other games
Rolf D. Busch, 83 other games
Laura Miele, 79 other games
Timothy Ramage, 65 other games
John Hight, 64 other games
Lloyd Bell, 64 other games
Aaron Blean, 61 other games
Sheri Furumi Snow, 61 other games
Stacey Mendoza, 58 other games
Lisa Marcinko, 56 other games
Gordon L. Madison Jr., 54 other games
David Maxey, 47 other games
Glenn Sperry, 47 other games
Christopher M. Rubyor, 46 other games
Harvard Bonin, 46 other games
Tim Hall, 45 other games
Randy Greenback, 39 other games
Christopher Blevens, 35 other games
Jack Suzuki, 33 other games
Lisa Bucek-Jensen, 33 other games
Mical Pedriana, 32 other games
Mick Love, 31 other games
Levi Luke, 28 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeikman (3490), formercontrib (158187), Plokite_Wolf (62518) and ROFLBLAH (365)