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Repton Infinity Screenshots

User Screenshots

Electron version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading screen
Menu (Repton 3: Take 2)
Starting out (Repton 3: Take 2)
A spirit (Repton 3: Take 2)
The map (Repton 3: Take 2)
A cracked egg (Repton 3: Take 2)
Monster (Repton 3: Take 2)
A key (Repton 3: Take 2)
About to be crushed by a boulder (Repton 3: Take 2)
Game over (Repton 3: Take 2)
Menu (Repton 4)
Starting out (Repton 4)
Teleporters (Repton 4)
Combine three of these to create jewels (Repton 4)
Using a teleporter (Repton 4)
A key (Repton 4)
Menu (Robbo)
Starting out (Robbo)
Picking up an orb (Robbo)
A computer (Robbo)
Menu (Trakker)
Starting out (Trakker)
Being chased by a Jagga (Trakker)
A spider (Trakker)
Repton? (Trakker)
Setting off dynamite (Trakker)