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atari mania

Repulse Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Demonstration screen
Brief introduction to the main plot
Scene I, which is a fancy way of saying Stage I
You start on a lunar surface, shooting at flying enemy forces
Not all flying enemy forces will act the same, as they display their own behavior, like theses one for example
A random robot passing by... If you shoot him before he hides, he may trigger something special during gameplay on the current stage
Hopper enemies ready to crush you by stomping on the your laser cannon!
Mantis-like robots shooting at you!
Your laser cannon is also equipped with a shield to block enemies and enemy bullets but don't get too cocky with it, as it depletes quickly with how long is activated
Stage 2
An airport and the stage doesn't waste time already by throwing missiles at you!
These enemies are kind of similar to those from Xevious
A walker robot passing by in the middle of a crossfire
Incoming enemy squadron and a... worm robot...
On occasions, a friendly helicopter will come to drop you supply to regain shield energy and upgrade your current firepower
Although slow, these satellite-like enemies will flood the screen with bullets if they remain on the air!
The laser cannon was destroyed
If you place more coins on the arcade machine, you can keep playing and your score is also retained. This is the first boss of the game, a UFO of the Aquila nation
The laser cannon was destroyed again
Stage 3
The Aquila invaders have reached civilization!
Be careful with aquatic enemies, as they shoot a lot of bullets!
Protecting the laser cannon with its shields
The third boss of the game. Every boss will shoot blockades first before the enemy fletes come to rain you down with bullets
Stage 4
New walker enemies are introduced in stage 4 but you better shoot them down first, as thing will get hectic later!
When things appear calm at first, you better be prepared, as enemies can come up with ways to ambush and kill you in sight!
A random bird passing by...
A shooting star?
Another ambush!
More walker enemies passing by like nothing again...
Floating blockades!
Man, there's just no end to these guys!
What's happening?
A UFO in the horizon!
Stage 5
We're in the arctic now
A random squid passing by?
Don't let those snowballs fool you, as they spawn bullets if you don't shoot them at close range!
Not again! Be careful if accidentally shoot the friendly helicopter, as it'll come crashing down and not give you important supplies
Things are really heating up!
The fifth boss of the game, a new variation of the Aquila UFO
The boss has been defeated!
Stage 6
Getting ready for the worst...
The statue's glowing red eyes are suspicious...
Certain times, the game appears to be a danmaku instead of a normal shoot 'em up...
The sixth stage of the game will throw everything at your laser cannon to see you dead!
Game Over...