Resident Evil 2 Screenshots

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Dreamcast version

Title screen
Leon holds his on in the intro cutscene
Leon begins his quest to make it back to the police station
Claire starts to figure things out in her own intro
Claire meets a overly friendly gun shop owner
Loot the gun shop since everyone else obviously has
Cruising by the basketball court
You can sneak past these zombies during their feeding time
Finally made it to the cop shop
The ornate lobby of the police department
Drunk zombie driver
A survival horror game which beautifully reproduces the horror of a bland office environment

GameCube version

Title screen
Leon's Story menu screen
Intro, Leon getting into firefight with some zombies.
Intro, teaming up with Claire.
Escaping a bunch of crazed zombies.
Maybe this shop will give me some temporary shelter.
Finding some bullets on the counter.
Showdown in a narrow alley... good thing they're really slow.
Maybe there's something useful in this van.
Trying to reach the police station through a run-down part of town.
Getting the upper hand will make your aiming slightly harder.
There's no sign of life in this bus, only death.
Streets are crawling with survivors... the problem is, they're all dead alive.
When playing Arrange Mode, you'll have unlimited ammo so don't save on bullets.
Raccoon police station hall... seems a bit empty to say the least.
Ink ribbon is required to save your game when you find a typewriter around.
Checking the computer at the reception desk.
Moving from one area to another shows various doors, gates, stairs, ladders and such, and you never know who's waiting for you on the other side.
Item box lets you store stuff you cannot carry with you... strangely, all the item boxes in the game seem to be connected somehow.
Watch out for giant tarantulas in the sewers.
Parking lot
Checking out the map
You'll encounter many files on your adventure, some may prove useful, some only informative.
Not much left of the police station
Chief! Chief!! Where did everyone go?
No time to stop for a diet coke, deaths are at stake.
Intro, Claire's side of the story
On Original Mode, bullets aren't wasteful and you start with a pistol.
To save on bullets outrun the ever-so-slow zombies.
No respect for the law when they bite.
Items that are necessary to finish the game will shine to help you notice their position.
Time to save a game, get some ammo, and start shooting around.
The chopper got down swiftly... guess that won't be our escape route.
Natural hazards like fire will hurt you if you come too close.
Shooting the crows that feed on infested flesh.
There seems to be some green herbs around... they're great for healing, especially when you combine them.
These cops aren't helping at all, quite the contrary.

Nintendo 64 version

Copyright screen.
Game disclaimer.
Title screen.

PlayStation version

Game disclaimer.
Title screen.
Raccoon city is infested by zombies.
Hold your fire! It's me Leon.
Leon is killing zombies.
Lady zombie.
Status screen.
Leon has arrived to the police dept.
An R.P.D. member is injured.
Using the computer.
Claire gameplay: Claire is now trapped by a zombies hoard.
Claire kicks the zombie head.

Windows version

Main menu
Leon S. Kennedy
She's a biker chick, so don't go round calling her 'Claire Bear' if you want to leave Raccoon City alive
Leon and Claire in a police car
Leon Kennedy
Welcome to Raccoon City
Extreme Battle Mode
Ow, not the face! Let's see, how did Bill Murray get out of this situation?
You killed the zombie Brad Vickers!!!... Vickers was a zombie?
Claire confronts the not-too-stable Chief of Police Brian Irons, who has apparently decided that, when in Rome...
Leon and the mysterious Ada Wong interrogate the reporter Ben Bertolucci
Police officer Marvin Branagh succumbs to the T-Virus
Leon confronts the relentless Umbrella agent called Mr. X
RE3 Fan: Nemesis can open doors! Mr. X: Doors are for wimps
Mr. X prepares to give Leon the boot... let's see, how did Bart Simpson get out of this situation?
Claire sets fire to a mob of zombies with Jill's grenade launcher
A Licker smashes through a window to pounce on Claire
A gruesome death for a gruesome man
Claire is attacked by one of the G-Type's mutant embryos
Leon does battle with William Birkin, the G-Type himself
The sewers are full of giant spiders! Get back you eight legged freaks!
Playing as Sherry Birkin, you are unarmed and therefore must flee from the zombies rather than confronting them... and unlike Alone in the Dark 2, as a little girl you can still be killed
Ada Wong, on the other hand, is a big girl who can look after herself
Watch out, Ada, for those pesky mutant coachroachs!
Annette Birkin is 5' 8, in her mid 30s, and enjoys long walks through the sewers and Tampering In God's Domain
Ada Wong gets into a catfight with Annette Birkin
Crikey! Now that is one BIG alligator! Let's see the Crocodile Hunter deal with THIS guy...
Claire must protect the unarmed Sherry from the ravenous zombies
Leon, on the other hand, receives some much needed extra firepower from Ada Wong
Claire confronts the Tyrant-like second malformation of 'G'
Ada and Leon attempt to drive off Birkin's arm
Birkin continues to evolve, shedding the last vestiges of his human form
The flamethrower isn't all that impressive, but Leon finds it quite useful against flesh-eating plants. Let's see, how did Rick Moranis get out of this situation? Oh, that's right, he didn't
Leon fights a boss... I knew Mothra, I worked with Mothra, and you sir are no Mothra!
Groovy! Leon gives the Super Lickers a taste of his boomstick
Claire gives Birkin a taste of her electrifying personality
Birkin doesn't give up, evolving from humanoid into a lion-like form
Mr. X doesn't know the meaning of 'quit'. Or the meaning of 'stop hitting me!' for that matter...
Like the energizer bunny, Birkin keeps going and going and going... this is by no means the last time you face him...
The bonus Extreme Battle Mode allows you to play as several characters, including Chris Renfield
Chris is a real chick magnet, unfortunately for him they tend to be of the undead variety...
The only thing worse than one unstoppable bio-engineered Terminator is TWO unstoppable bio-engineered Terminators
Bonus Scenario: Playing as Hunk, the 4th Survivor, show here making his Last Escape from Mr. X with the G-Virus sample
Super Special Bonus Scenario: The To-fu Survivor! Don't ask, it doesn't make any sense to me either...
Tofu is only armed with a knife, but he can absorb almost as much damage as a Tyrant
Character inventory
Bad landing
Claire fighting giant tarantulas in the sewer
Unlockable concept art

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