Resident Evil Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Character selection
(Japanese intro) Mangled corpses, instead of the US release's newspaper articles
(Japanese intro) A few shots of Joseph killed by the dogs.
(Japanese intro) Chris tastes the flavor. Smoking removed from the U.S. release
Arrived to the mansion
The dining room
The zombie is eating me, AAAAHHHH!!!!!
Something has happened to Wesker and Jill
Chris is killing zombies with Jill's gun
Inventory screen: Chris can carry only six items
Rebecca Chambers, a new comer from the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team
Rebecca is now playing the piano
A monster! Barry is shooting
One of the S.T.A.R.S. member died
A zombie comes from the closet
Jill playing the piano, she can do it.

SEGA Saturn version

Pick Chris or Jill
The hilarious intro
The classic view on the opening door in the series
In the dining room, playing as Jill
"You have a look around in this probably hostile area, while I stay here and stare on a pond of blood."
The first zombie we encounter even gets his own cut-scene.
Barry killing the monster for us

Windows version

Title Screen
Character Selection
Albert Wesker (from intro movie)
Entrance to the mansion
This man has a serious problem
Encounter with very first zombie
I wonder what's behind these doors
Pushing the stairs into right position
Just found another dead STARS member
Under the attack of greedy crows
Complete map of the 1st floor
Shooting with pistol by the staircase
Special doors need a pass code to enter
Resting in quiet room with Rebecca
Living dead is hungry all the time
Looks like tentacles in the fountain
Chris, lonely bar and silent piano
Zombie dog jumped through a window
A few more bullets to finish them
Nice office that belonged to scientist
Green herbs can refill bad health
Ancient room with two movable statues
Life is really easier with shotgun
I need to repel huge oversized snake
All four collected crests are placed
Free passage in the half-empty reservoir
Descending to lower part of courtyard
Needless items can be stored in chest
Purpose of a typewriter is to save game
Water drained from bath revealed a key
Giant cocoon produces giant wasp
It's better to escape than fight sharks
Branched roots in the flooded basement
Two spiders spitting acid = big problem
Battle with Plant 42 altered by T-virus
End screen picture taken from the US PC uncut version of Resident Evil. You will get this picture if you finish the game with Chris without saving !

Official Screenshots

  • Resident Evil Screenshot, 1998
  • Resident Evil Screenshot, 1998
  • Resident Evil Screenshot, 1998
  • Resident Evil Screenshot, 1998