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Revenge of the Mutant Camels Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Mani menu
Select number of players
Level one, single player
That does not look like a good power-up
Lots of power-ups!
Lost one life. Impressive tombstone
Level complete
That's what I call a weapon!
Every level has a name
Single player with a computer controlled
Hitting enemies several times generates lots of points
A restart-oasis where you get a password so you can restart the game from here
Got a high score
Hi-score table

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level 1 - enemies from phoenix
Level 2 - it's raining cats and dogs
Level 3 - Manic Miner
Level 4
Level 5 - mutant camels attack mutant camels
Level 6 - peace
Level 7 - where have i seen them before?
Level 8 - Australian skiers

DOS version

Splash screen
Title screen
Start menu
Select a gameplay mode.
Leap, camel, leap!
Leaping for bonuses and power-ups.
These pesky birds are dropping 1-ton weights on us.
Out of health points!
End-of-level performance review
Taking my buddy for a ride!
Engaging rainclouds in deadly combat.
Enjoying a firepower power-up.
Befuddled, my camel's left is now its right.
Taking a break while gazing upon hallowed llama statues.
In this level, "Manic Minter", the player goes up against the coder of the game, throwing miniature camels at me.
A fearsome firepower, while all array of bonuses and penalties fall from the sky.
You can't see it, but these canes exclaim "ouch!" loudly when shot.
Here are the mutant camels I'm revenging upon!
Temporarily invincible, as indicated by the halo. (I bet you didn't even know that camels had souls!)
Reaching a Dune-themed password point.
Fighting phone booths and peace signs.
Fighter jets now torment us.
There's a certain finality to it.
High score entry
High score table