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SEGA CDRetro Game Reviews (Mar 20, 2016)
Revenge of the Ninja isn't the most inspired FMV game and takes too many cues from Dragon's Lair but it's well crafted with good stage design and solid controls. More stages would have been welcome but what's here is engaging and varied, making this one of the better examples of the genre on the Mega CD.
SEGA CDVideo Games (May, 1994)
Wenn man sich mal nicht an der begrenzten Farbpalette des Mega-CD stößt, sieht das Zeichentrickbild doch ganz ordentlich, wenn auch nicht überragend, aus. Auf die kleinen Farbmängel achtet man auch spätestens nach der zweiten Szene nicht mehr, denn die mystische Action, gepaart mit der spannenden Begleitmusik, reißt einem unwillkürlich mit. Ihr werdet gebannt vor dem Bildschirm hocken und auf den Hinweis für die nächste Aktion des Ninja-Lehrlings warten. Erfreulich ist, daß die Joypad-Kommandos erstaunlich leicht von der Hand gehen und Ihr nicht, wie beim Vorbild Dragon‘s Lair, dauernd ins Gras beißt, obwohl Ihr richtig gehandelt habt. Ein ‘Super‘ bleibt dem Ninja-Epos nur deswegen verwehrt, weil das Spiel mit seinen 18 Szenen definitiv zu kurz ist.
SEGA CDDefunct Games (Mar 12, 2006)
The meat and potatoes in this game are the many occasions you interact with the action. Between the fifteen stages you will guide your vengeful ninja through all the pitfalls and perils you could imagine; and maybe some, you'll probably be able to see most of them coming. That being said, the action isn't of such a predictable nature that you'll grow tired of it. You may grow tired of the steadily more challenging levels; as is the case with most FMV games, and aside from their largely stale gameplay, may have been their downfall. However, if you've never played an FMV title before, and you own a Sega CD, you could do far worse than Revenge of the Ninja. Believe me!
SEGA CDGamePro (US) (Jun, 1994)
Dragon's Lair is the standard that point-and-click adventures games aspire to and ROTN doesn't get that far. But even with Dragon's Lair, once you're done, you're done. Put Revenge of the Ninja on you to do list...sometime after getting through Dragons Lair.
Essentially a Dragon Lair-type action game, this is more a treat to watch than play. The game could provide a few more continues and your skills will rely more on memorization than anything else. Nice animation though.
SEGA CDMega Force (Jul, 1994)
L'ambiance sonore est idéale, avec de belles musiques et des digits qui rendent l'aventure très réelle. C'est vivant comme tout ! La maniabilité est irréprochable vu sa simplicité, et les animations nous plongent au cœur d'un dessin animé. Malheureusement, les graphismes sont d'une qualité bien mièvre pour du M-CD, l'ensemble est d'ailleurs à mon goût trop pixellisé. Mais le plus grand reproche que je ferais à ce titre, c'est sa trop grande facilité. Deux heures seulement m'ont été nécessaires pour en venir à bout. Parfois, les éditeurs abusent...
SEGA (Feb 12, 2007)
Revenge of the Ninja is a decent FMV game, and I found it a bit more interesting than Dragon's Lair, but not quite on par with Time Gal's more creative settings and characters. Fans of the genre can find better on the Sega CD, but they can also find worse. Still if the thought of controlling an anime ninja piques your interest, then you would do well to pick up a copy of Revenge of the Ninja. It won't last you a long time, unless you try and play through hard mode, but it's a decent FMV game. When Ninja came out, these sort of games were new on consoles and technically impressive. But today? The appeal is about as advanced as the controls. Ouch!