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Rex Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Starting out
I need to kill some turrets
Watch for the train that rolls across the bottom
I lost my last life and the game is over.
These tunnels are meant for the passage of an escorted convoy transporting precious ore.
These type of special capsules resembling rockets, have special types of weaponry inside.
Rex is a non linear game. There are different paths for the player to choose. Here, instead of going upwards, I went eastwards, inside the tunnel.
This would be the upwards choice related to the previous screenshot.
And this one would be continuing following eastwards.
These sort of pipes can be used for climbing. That apparatus at the centre right is a saving point. Each time a life is lost, the game will start in one of those.
Sometimes there are bonus which will appear after some successful destructions. The player has to be quick and accurate picking the right bonus.
Acquiring the 2nd ultimate weapon. Rex will be surrounded by a shell of laser beams which will burst masses of blasts.
Using a mass destruction weapon.
Another checkpoint. These entities release multiple small flying bombs.
This scenario was supposed to have a major monster. At least in the ZX Spectrum version there is one.
The ultimate weapon is about to be acquired. For the moment the weapon in possession fires a concentrated pack of laser beams.
Although Rex already has in his possession the ultimate weapon, he has to collect many bubbles during the game to activate and upgrade it.
If some bubble power is lost, at least, the laser beams weapon is at its full power.
Using the bubble shield while destroying a turret.
The shell weapon at its full power (penultimate). The colours indicate the level of upgrading of the weaponry.
The ultimate weapon almost at its full power. Mega blasts dispersed in many shapes depending on the upgrade. An elevator at the centre.
Mega blasting a turret.
Ultimate weapon at its full power. Blasts pointed to all the major cardinal directions.
Rex the Octopus.
The beginning of a mass destruction explosion.
A bridge of soldiers.
Last Scenario.
I couldn't figure if this version is incomplete, although many were tested, but unfortunately the game ends here and doesn't have a 2nd phase nor big monsters... bu

ZX Spectrum version

Demo introduction
Showing motion up an invented screen
Power ups explained
Details of each one follow
And a demonstration of multiple-fire
Title screen
Game introduction
Game start screen
The down exit is correct here
There's the tunnel
Collected enough bubbles for an upgrade
Better remove those turrets
Avoid that centipede-type thing
The divot at the bottom is purely ornamental
This is how I should have got here
loading screen
Rex's gonna put his feet up, on a warm salty bucket of water.
Level 1: double firing destroying a turret. Some bouncing sort of bubbles are trapped inside the destructible walls of a hidden cave.
The rockets have inside them special weaponry. Laser beam on this one.
Where's Rex?
The armoured convoy. Destroying its locomotive it will stop and stop firing. Good plunder and nice viewing plumbing may I say.
Teleporting points are essential for the gameplay. Rex has to walk through them so that they can be activated the next time Rex is shot.
The walls are destructible, something big awaits Rex at the other side.
A biological-mechanic whatever entity is being severely shot by the tough skinned mercernary
Blasted away as a moribund Death Star or like Earth hit by Theia.
The moment a turret is fragmented into bubbles of plasma. Notice the arrows indicating the right path for Rex.
Double blasting of turrets.
A new upgrade of the supreme weapon, firing six shots in a row in six different directions.
Another upgrade of the same weapon. Two axis firing. These upgrades come with the accumulation of the residual bubbles of destroyed enemies. Using the shield.
A squad of soldiers.
Using the atomic, represented by the symbols of electricity.
Finishing level 1 with a code. Curious thing, games by then were frequent to use this strategy, variant codes depending on the gameplay, to guarantee the absence of cheating.
Phase two - Enter the Living Tower to Reach Zenith.
Beginning of level 2. Notice the lower right thing resembling "Alien" eggs. And the representation of the shadows.
Some walls at this level are deadly, the ones in magenta or red which resembling spiked plants or roots. The sponged enemies are dangerous foes...
...and when they get opened, will fire some kind of spores in every direction.
The same happens with the eggs, but only in three directions.
These pillars can be climbed. A dangerous substance is hanging on the right. Moments later it will fall.
Extreme caution at this scenario. Each jump has to be surgical.
New foes: spiked caterpillars.
The three stages of the opening of an "Alien" egg and the "sponges".
A row of sponges, menacing plants and elevators. A difficult task awaits the mercenary.
A caution stepping scenario.
Beware of the hanging slimes: they are indestructible in any form, either when hanging or when dropped in the ground.
These triangular unidentified objects multiply themselves like rabbits. The showdown is near.
- So... the "fella" from "Alien Syndrome" was never really really destroyed...