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WindowsGameBoomers (2005)
If you enjoyed the first RHEM game, you'll enjoy the second. It contains the same general type of puzzles (though not the same puzzles) and nonlinear gameplay. It is not a game for people who want character interaction (conversations), story-driven gameplay, or easy puzzles. RHEM 2 is a game to challenge your mind with well designed, logical puzzles.
MacintoshJust Adventure (Nov 04, 2005)
My final evaluation? This is a independent game written by a single person. That counts for a lot, but there is very little to forgive. Everything short of the voice acting is professional. Knut Mueller wanted to give us a puzzling experience and he nailed it to the wall. If you love puzzles, then you will want this game.
WindowsJust Adventure (Nov 04, 2005)
First, I would like to say that I don't normally review a game until I have finished playing it. But in this case I am going to make an exception. It has taken me several weeks of playing just to get through what I think is the first half. At this rate it will take over a month to finish. That is too long to get the word out on this game and I am not going to ruin the fun I am having by resorting to a walkthrough just to blast to the end. I am going to savior every delectable conundrum.
WindowsQuandary (Sep, 2005)
The original RHEM was an excellent independent game release, a back yard job if you will, that proved that a game need not have flashy graphics and a strong story in order to provide a challenging and satisfying adventure. Not even a soundtrack was present. The puzzles were the thing, not a backdrop with little puzzles tacked on here and there, but a great big puzzle of a world that had to be painstakingly picked apart, little piece by little piece.
MacintoshTap-Repeatedly/Four Fat Chicks (Jan, 2006)
Is beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? It is if you're playing Rhem 2. Rhem 2 is a game geared toward a very specific audience: adventure gamers who love puzzles and don't need a story. I am not part of that group. To me, the most appealing element of the adventure game genre is, and always has been, story. Puzzles were always secondary to my enjoyment of adventure games. Even though I didn't like Rhem 2 much of the time, it gets a Thumb Up for being exactly the kind of game its creator intended it to be. It would be unfair of me to penalize the game based on my own dislike of the genre.
MacintoshGame industry News (GiN) (2005)
RHEM 2 is a fantastic accumulation of intensely challenging puzzles, every bit as impressive as its prequel. It will give you hours of enjoyment at a great price. It quite easily earns 4 GiN Gems.
Return to the mysterious land of RHEM with a sequel written in the same spirit as the original. Like its predecessor, RHEM 2 is chock full of extremely challenging puzzles and is entertaining to experience as well.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Nov 12, 2005)
The joy of RHEM 2 is exploration. Walk around, look at stuff, press buttons, figure out if it did anything. Bliss. Figuring the puzzles out can get frustrating as you try to suss the logic behind them, but frustration is part and parcel of a puzzle game, isn't it? Want a taste? Try the downloadable Demo.
I will say one very positive thing about the world of Rhem in closing: If Mr. Müller adds a decent story to Rhem 3, I'll be back to explore the mysteries of this unique world.
WindowsGameZone (Dec 19, 2005)
RHEM 2 is the sequel to RHEM, a popular puzzle-driven adventure game from the software publishing company Got Game Entertainment, which lately has released several low-budget, but decent-quality games on the market. RHEM, Laser Squad Nemesis, and A Quiet Weekend in Capri are some of their latest games. RHEM and RHEM 2 are from the same designer, Knut Mueller.
70 (Jul 21, 2005)
Tout comme Rhem, Rhem 2 est un jeu d'aventure réservé à un public averti. Se déroulant en écran par écran, ses énigmes sont d'un très bon niveau. Ultra difficile, réclamant une bonne dose de patience et un bloc-notes très épais pour noter les indices glanés ça et là, le jeu est austère mais plaira certainement aux amateurs prêts à lui pardonner sa réalisation datée. Bref, un titre très loin d'être grand public, élitiste, mais au combien jouissif quand on apprécie les puzzles à s'arracher les cheveux.
70 (Jul 25, 2005)
Rhem était un jeu d’auteur, un jeu créé artisanalement par un passionné de jeu d’aventure fan de Myst. Knut Müller, ayant achevé Rhem (1998-2002), un jeu d'aventure graphique à la 1ère personne, se résout à le vendre par correspondance. Dans le milieu informé, le bouche à oreille fonctionne parfaitement et ce jeu fait un tabac : il faudra une bande de fans pour en faire une version française qui sera bientôt commercialisée et distribuée par MicroApplication pour la France pour Mac et PC. Rhem 2 ne connaît pas ce parcours tortueux : il est disponible depuis début juillet dans des versions toujours tournées vers Mac et PC, et sa commercialisation est assurée par le même éditeur.
WindowsGlide Underground (Oct 31, 2005)
The independent game is becoming a dinosaur in the modern gaming world - ponderous, incomplete, and bordering quickly on extinct, at least as far as commercial, non-quickie titles come. With graphical and processing power in computing platforms soaring and even the simple adventure titles mostly requiring entire development teams, it can seem an almost insurmountable challenge.
There may be an audience for this game made up of hardcore fans of the point and click genre, but it's not anything that the majority of us can't live without.
WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Dec 15, 2011)
I can recommend Rhem 2: The Cave only to diehard adventure game fans. In other words, if you enjoy this game, it will certainly not be because you have been dazzled by the game's graphics or captivated by the game's storyline; instead, it will be because you are enticed by the game's challenging puzzles. Success requires copious notes, an excellent sense of direction, and a good eye (and ear) for detail. Most other adventure game fans will likely find themselves underwhelmed by the game's visuals and overwhelmed by the game's complexity.
WindowsUHS (Universal Hint System) (Nov 22, 2005)
In RHEM 2, Knut Müller continues a theme that he began in the original work Rhem. This time, the brothers Zetais and Kales want your help in exploring a vast underground city. You are thrust into a strange -- sometimes surrealistic -- environment that is laden with a myriad of analytic puzzles. As in the original game, there are more puzzles than story development, and only a very brief "goal" is provided to the player at the beginning of the game. Most of the game focuses on solving the dozens of puzzles that stand between you and that goal.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2005)
Der knüppelharte Schwierigkeitsgrad und die eher spartanische Präsentation lassen das Spiel nur für hartgesottene Genrefans interessant erscheinen. Die dürfen bei der Suche nach einer echten Herausforderung auch gerne zugreifen, während sich der Rest der Spielergemeinde wohl besser eine Enttäuschung spart.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Jan 11, 2006)
If your thoughts were flooded with visions of chocolate, Christmas, or warm cuddly puppy dogs, play RHEM 2. But if your head was filled with images of lima beans, the dentist's office, and the worst blind date you ever had—run. As far away from this game as you can.
WindowsFactornews (Nov 03, 2005)
Au final, on ne peut nier être bien content quand on a réussi à décrypter une énigme et à avancer dans le jeu. On peut même prendre plaisir quand d’un coup de génie soudain, on surfe sur une vague de découvertes en chaîne. Mais en réalité, aucun suspense n’est là pour aiguillonner notre progression, aucun graphisme pour nous émerveiller... Bref, le jeu reste un passe-temps à longue durée de vie, constitué d’énigmes à la file, à picorer quand on se sent de bonne composition et avec beaucoup, beaucoup de temps devant soi.