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Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title / main menu
Intro cutscene
Intro continues
Game start
Using cell phone - scenes can be zoomed
Map locations
Rhianna's office at the Museum - objects
Safe puzzle Rhianna's office
Ink bottle puzzle
Cutscene flight to Rome
Hotel - objects
Map of Rome
Hotel room - objects
Department of Antiquities office - objects
Tile color line puzzle
Department of Antiquities lab - objects
Department of Antiquities lab Da Vinci letter paper analysis
Department of Antiquities lab Da Vinci letter ink analysis
Cutscene someone steals the letter
Department of Antiquities - objects
Department of Antiquities security - objects
Department of Antiquities security key puzzle
Pantheon - objects
Conti’s Apartment street - objects
Park - objects
Library of Antiquarian Books - objects
Book puzzle
Police station

Windows version

How To Play
Rhianna's flat in London. Find your belongings before you can leave.
Map of Rome showing locations to visit (currently only one)
A puzzle involving keys
The Hotel room is full of strange objects
A street in Rome. You have to find stuff here.
A puzzle involving inks
Reward for solving a puzzle
The police are interested in Rhianna
A shady looking club
Talking to people
A puzzle involving tiles