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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - C64:

    ZILFINS -- Mighty wizards who established in the town of Batiniq an enchanted realm of peace and prosperity. Their crowning achievement was the creation of two rings which, worn together, endowed the wearer with supernatural power.

    LORD DRAGOS -- A fiendish necromancer who now holds Batiniq in thrall. Captor of one magic ring, Dragos needs only its mate to attain invincibility.

    The sole hope for thwarting this evil is... you.

    Possessing innate magical ability, you set forth on a perilous quest to find and reunite the legendary rings and depose the dark overlord.

    Your wondrous journey unfolds in RINGS OF ZILFIN, a fantasy game whose revolutionary graphics add an unprecedented realism to the action you direct. The fully animated scrolling screen grants you step-by-step control as you journey through the dangerous expanses of Batiniq. A host of characters, including elves, dragons, kings, and sorcereresses, might provide helpful clues. But the tyrant's monstrous minions, such as flying skulls, shape shifters, goblin monks, and death ray demons, threaten constant attack. Destroy them with arrows or swords or the protective properties of special plants.

    But your best weapon comes from your developing your latent powers until you attain the status of Grand Master Wizard and can weave potent spells.

    Time grows short. Hasten to seek the fabled Zilfins and their incomparable Rings of Power. Then wield them well.

    Contributed by General Error (4364) on Oct 07, 2006.