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Rinne is an isometric action role-playing game. Players take the role of the Valkyrie and explore a virtual world in a distant planet. The Valkyrie has the Body Snatch ability which allows it to possess its enemies as well as a Transform ability that allows it to become any creature that it had already possessed and gain new skills and attacks. Players can summon creatures that were already possessed to assist them in battles through the Latency menu. There are no experience points in this game so players can only become stronger and progress through the game by possessing characters with higher ranks and skills.

There are over 90 beings that can be possessed and one of the goals of this game is to possess them all. Depending on the situation, players may need to possess characters of different factions to survive and advance in the game. Unlike previous games, if the character that the spirit has snatched is killed, players are given 60 seconds to find a new host, otherwise the spirit fades away and the game is over. This title continues to expand the gameplay of the former Relics titles and introduces puzzle elements and traps, as well as bringing back branching paths in the story which can lead to different endings.

The game takes place in a distant future where all of mankind has left the Earth, moving to a faraway planet. The planet which had been engulfed in a long war between the HEAVEN and HELL factions has now lost its inhabitants and a team of MARX colonists which were researching the history of the planet have developed a genome comprised of the DNA from both HEAVEN and HELL beings. The colonists constructed a virtual world and sent their avatar, the Valkyrie, to explore it and find out more about this everlasting conflict.


Rinne Windows Possessing a MARX trooper.
Rinne Windows This mole will do for now.
Rinne Windows Is it just me or does the woman in the opening FMV look like Tifa?
Rinne Windows There's a tutorial for this game and it's got gameplay videos.

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Some of the unused music from Falcom's The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Zwei!! as well as a track from Xanadu were rearranged and used in Rinne.


The game was originally code-named Relics 4.


There are some references from Falcom games in Rinne, including Ares from Brandish being a playable character and Galsis from Xanadu as a boss enemy. There are also references to two Bothtec games, Topple Zip and Youkai Detective Chimachima, in the form of two major characters, called Zip and Chimachima.


While Rinne lacks a credits sequence, an in-game cutscene reveals a name of one of the programmers, Kouyou Suzuki, and that the game was in development by Bothtec, not mentioned anywhere else in the game, as early as in 2002.


Rinne uses models from Bothtec's cancelled game, Relics: the Absolute Spirit, which was supposed to come out in 2005 on Xbox.
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