Rise of the Dragon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction. Someone got killed.
Your bedroom
Mayor is giving you a job.
The roof of the building you live in.
Moving across the city is done using subway. Each station is different.
A different station
Chinese wise man.
Chinese Mafia is about to introduce a new drug on the market.
Your girlfriend is mad at you.
Town Hall reception.
Flowers' seller.
Pleasure dome
Pleasure dome's security.
Inside the dome.
At the bar.
A hooker can give you information as well as bring you to your doom.
HQ of your enemy.
Mayor's office.
Discussion with the mayor.
Police armoury entrance is possible only with the special pass.
You failed your mission in saving the city.
Final battle.

DOS version

Title Screen
Blade Hunter's Apartment (VGA)
Blade Hunter's Apartment (EGA)
Blade Hunter's Apartment (CGA)
Talking to a street bum
Choosing a destination
Examining your environment
Blade thinks to himself
Cinematic cutscene
City Hall
Subway terminal
Romance in the future
Inventory screen
Inventory screen - Detail
Sample cinematic cutscene (VGA)
Sample cinematic cutscene (EGA)
Sample cinematic cutscene (CGA)
The Mayor on the vidphone
Karyn on the vidphone
Outside the Pleasure Dome
The Pleasure Dome
More of the Pleasure Dome
A warning that you screwed up
Arcade sequence: Against Deng Hwang Inc's security team
Fighting Snake at the end of the first arcade sequence
I'd do as he says if I were you
Blade vs. Bahumat
Our adventure begins... (EGA version)
Title screen (EGA)

Macintosh version

Intro event (Chandra)
Intro plot
Standing in your apartment
The bathroom/shower.... tiny.
Reviewing messages on your vidphone
In trouble again....
The place is a fixer-upper so watch your step
Leaving building - got your card right? yes.
By the way... clothing would be important as well.
OK lets save this time or (often)....
Clothes on this time. Check!
The Em-way
Em-way map
Women selling flowers... maybe help get me out of the dog house
Talking with the bum
City Hall
Alley just behind the flower shop

SEGA CD version

Sega CD Title
Sega CD Message Blinking
Sega CD Don't leave home like this!
Sega CD Picking up Flowers
Sega CD Prophecy
Sega CD City Hall
Sega CD Making up with Karyn
Video Phone
Peering into the factory operations.
No guns allowed!
Inside the club
Too late to save this guy.
One of the arcade segments near the end.

Windows version

Prompt in regard to introduction cut-scene
Main title
Opening credits
Some drug is exchanging hands
Not a thing to be thankful for
Drugs will get you that way
The player's apartment
Browsing the shelves above the sink
Playing one of the recorded video messages
Leaving the apartment
Out in the parking lot
Right clicking on an object will show what the player is thinking about it
Pause menu