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Advertising Blurbs

Coming Soon Magazine (Issue 1 Nov/Dec 1994):


    Rise of the Robots is the first of a brand new generation of games combining state-of-the-art programming, maximum gameplay and cutting edge design and graphics. The results are simply astounding ! Rise of the Robots takes you to the dark heart of a future super-tech society. The servants of the society are the robots. But at the giant Electrocorp, the planet's major robot manufacturer, things are starting to go badly wrong. The Supervisor -- a polymetamorphic droid and the ultimate in robot technology -- has been infected by an Ego-Virus and transformed into a vicious psychotic. The only way to stop her, as she proceeds to take over the factory and reprogram its robot workers, is to send in a specially-constructed Cyborg unit... a metallic combat-alloy body with a human brain. As the Cyborg, your deadly mission is to terminate the Supervisor. The fight of your life is about to begin...

    Nothing in recent years has generated as much excitement and eager anticipation as Rise of the Robots.
    • A complete new game development technique.
    • The first game with film quality controllable 3-D graphics.
    • All characters created from original designs.
    • Bespoke artificial intelligence to enhance capabilities.
    • Some of the best sprites ever seen.
    • The first game with a fully rendered, morphing character.
    • Music by rock legend Brian May.
    • All backgrounds crafted by professional interior designer.
    • Robot moves choreographed by martial arts expert.
    Available on:
    • PC CD-ROM
    • AMIGA CD32
    • AMIGA 500/600/1200/1500/2000/3000/4000
    Release date: 18 November 1994

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Aug 23, 2006.

Unknown Source:
    A revolution in Combat games

    * Unique combat intelligence system that addepts to and learns your style of play

    * The first game with film quality, controllable 3D graphics

    * Robots attack routine choreographed by martial arts expert

    * Witness the first ever morphing character to appear in a computer game

    * Awesome cinematic link sequences

    Contributed by Zhentarim7 (197) on May 30, 2000.