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The game ratings for each category and platform are displayed below. The score for a particular platform is the average of all categories. Games must have 5 votes before they are given a MobyScore.

Breakdown by Rating Category

The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents.
How well the game mechanics work and the game plays.
The visual quality of the game
Personal Slant
A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes
Sound / Music
The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition
Story / Presentation
The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC.
Overall User Score (106 votes)3.8

Breakdown by Platform

Platform Votes Total
DOS 98 3.7
      AI 3.4
      Gameplay 3.9
      Graphics 3.7
      Personal Slant 3.7
      Sound / Music 3.7
      Story / Presentation 3.6
iPad Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
Linux Awaiting 5 votes...
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows 8 3.7
      AI 3.4
      Gameplay 3.9
      Graphics 3.8
      Personal Slant 3.9
      Sound / Music 3.9
      Story / Presentation 3.6

User Reviews

A campy, underrated classic shooter DOS jTrippy (63)
A good DooM-era FPS with great multiplayer! DOS Ludicrous Gibs! (40)
Deserves to be one of the all-time CLASSIC first person shooters... DOS Mr. Me (34)
*BOOOOOM!!!!* Let's see...here's an arm...there's a finger...oh, is this your spleen? :) DOS Satoshi Kunsai (2074)
ROTT is definitely deserving of its cult classic status. DOS Matt Dabrowski (222)
Bizarre, gory and entertaining FPS DOS Sir Gofermajster (491)
A revolutionary FPS game but very under appreciated! DOS adam payne (18)
A great game... although a bit rough around the edges. DOS Chris Martin (1204)
Awesome, awesome and awesome again. DOS Tomer Gabel (4634)
Gore, Gore, and Triads DOS Plix (204)