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Very basic, drive, steer, shoot, repeat ZX Spectrum piltdown_man (151765)

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RoadBlasters is a fun game on the lynx. There are plenty of things that wrestle for your attention to keep things interesting. The game is fast and you have to watch for enemies and your fuel supply... among other things. It's a cool game with a lot of interesting options and diversions.
ArcadeThe Atari Times (Mar 11, 2004)
This was a pretty fun, cool, fairly popular game, and it's pretty obvious why: combining driving like a maniac and blowing up stuff - and not even getting pulled over by a cop, much less a ticket, nor arrested for anything - especially when it's topped off with good control and sound effects (especially the sound when you activate that nuke...Boom! Plus the hard rock music when you complete a level - along with getting a bonus for remaining fuel - is also worth mentioning), is pretty much any guy's dream come true. (Even for those of us who don't participate in racing games that much in the first place.)
LynxRaze (Feb, 1991)
RoadBlasters plays in much the same way as Fire and Forget, an into the screen shoot-'em-up on the road, but the simple idea works very well. Once the early levels have been completed, it starts to become very testing and actually quite addictive as your determination to succeed increases. Even though both versions were designed independently, comments of game content apply equally.
LynxST Action (Nov, 1991)
Absolutely splendid stuff! Incredibly fast and playable, this is an excellent driving game that incorporates fast gameplay and colourful graphics. Has a brilliant shoot 'em-up element!
LynxDefunct Games (Feb 12, 2012)
As vehicular combat games go, this is one of the best. The action is fast and there are tons of levels to master. It would have been nice to see more options and modes, but this is a solid portable game that still holds up alarmingly well. Once you play RoadBlasters you too will yearn for a sequel.
ArcadeCommodore User (Jun, 1987)
This is one game I'll be coming back to in my own time.
NESPlay Time (Mar, 1992)
Die saubere Grafik, die gute Animation (besonders bei den Motorradfahrern) und ein stimmungsvoller und realistischer Sound, geben diesem Spiel einen ungewöhnlich hohen Spielcharakter. Kurz und gut, dieses Game macht richtig Spaß.
ArcadePower Play (1987)
Roadblasters von Atari muß man einfach mal gespielt haben. Es ist schon ein tolles Gefühl, wenn man mit dem Wagen über die Straße braust und alles, was sich einem in den Weg stellt, über den Haufen knallt. Vor allem in der Version mit geschlossenem Gehäuse kommt Stimmung auf. Die Grafik und Effekte sind hervorragend, der Sound ziemlich gut. Roadblasters spielt sich ausgezeichnet und läßt sich gut steuern. Sehr positiv ist mir noch aufgefallen, daß man auch ohne Übungen relativ lange spielen kann. Das ist unter Automaten eher eine Seltenheit. Auf Dauer finde ich Roadblasters aber etwas eintönig.
NESAll Game Guide (1998)
RoadBlasters for the NES is slightly easier than the arcade game because you don't seem to run out of fuel as fast. Even so, it has the same basic feel of the arcade game. It is a challenging contest that both veterans and beginners will enjoy.
GenesisAll Game Guide (1998)
What makes the game so fun is its sense of speed and perfect length of tracks. Factor in the difficulty of supporting your car with enough fuel to make it past both the checkpoint and Rally Point, and you have a game that's extremely easy to get into the moment you switch on the console. The only gripes are that the game doesn't have the speech found in the Arcade original and nothing new has been added to offer something different (like support for two players). Regardless, RoadBlasters is an excellent conversion that will satisfy anyone's need to travel 200+ m.p.h. on a futuristic highway.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Oct, 1988)
This is one of the game's you expect to be good, find it seems rubbish, and then suddenly find it sticks to you like an addictive leech. Although it doesn't compare very well with the original arcade, its remorselessly lulling gameplay, slick programming and the occasional good graphic elevates it to possible Out Run quality.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (May, 1989)
Fortunately, this is the sort of game you keep playing however far you've got into it. The levels are all pretty similar anyway, so the fun isn't derived from endurance, just from simple blasting, and so play remains enjoyable for the duration. What more is there to say? If you're in the market for a good ST shoot 'em up, motor on down to the software shop and check out Road Blasters.
This game makes excellent use of the Genesis to produce dazzling graphics and a great game.
The graphics are colourful and detailed: meaty explosions add to things nicely. The engine noises are suitably revved up to. The loading is the same painfully slow system as on Out Run but at least there are no delays during the action. A high quality conversion that will please fans of the coin-op, and many more besides.
Roadblasters is a challenging game and is technically superb, with stunning graphics and great speech. But the small screen makes it very difficult to actually see other cars approaching, and as a consequence it does get frustrating. It's fun, but the high frustration levels forces me to recommend that you try before you buy.
NESVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Klingt ja reichlich destruktiv: Staubekämpfung per Großkaliber. Road Blasters ist aber kein Dumpfspiel, sondern ein ebenso originelles wie ansprechendes Actionmodul. Dieser Spielhallen-Evergreen wurde hervorragend aufs Nintendo Entertainment System umgesetzt. Die 3-D-Grafik, die perspektivisch auf Euch zugerauscht kommt, ist fließend. Alle Fahrzeuge und Hindernisse kann man rechtzeitig erkennen; auf der Straße ist genug Platz, um vernünftig zu manövrieren. Das Spiel wird außerdem niemals unfair. Die abwechslungsreichen Strecken und das reichhaltige Angebot an Extras verführen zu ausgiebigen Fahrten.
75 (Mar, 2013)
RoadBlasters might lack the beautiful neon style of Rad Racer or the scintillating madness of R.C. Pro-Am, but its fast and destructive nature warmed my heart nevertheless.
LynxPower Play (Feb, 1991)
Das Lynx kann hier die 3D-Muskeln spielen lassen: Dank des Spezialchips ist die perspektivische Darstellung von Fahrbahn und Sprites tadellos. Zur fehlerlos flüssigen Grafik kommt das unverwüstliche Spielprinzip. Steuerung und Leveldesign erweisen sich als gut und fair. Akustisch werden neben der flotten Musik ein paar gut verständliche Brocken digitalisierter Sprache gereicht. Lediglich die Endlos-Continues, bei denen die Punktzahl nicht auf Null zurückgesetzt wird, hätte man sich schenken sollen. Auf jeden Fall ist Road Blasters mein Lieblingsmodul fürs Lynx: handfeste Edel-Action für Unterwegs.
LynxVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Gegenüber dem Spielautomatenvorbild wurden so gut wie keine Abstriche gemacht. Mehrere Dutzend Levels sorgen für langfristiges Rennnvergnügen.
NESPower Play (May, 1991)
Treffpunkt der Spieleantiquitäten: Die Autoballerei "Road Blasters" hat längst Klassikerstatus erreicht und auch das Nintendo Entertainment System gilt technisch als Veteran. Die beiden grauen Panther zeigen aber bei der neuen NES-Umsetzung von Road Blasters, was in ihnen steckt. Technisch und spielerisch läßt sie keine Wünsche offen und holt Erstaunliches aus der Hardware heraus.
Road Blasters on the Lynx looks and plays great. The graphics are decent on the small screen and the little details are still visible! The car handles well and the game retains all the features of the arcade version built in. Lynx players won't be disappointed.
This is pure fun, with the perfect blend of driving and shooting. Multiple landscapes, bonus incentives, and plenty of targets to interact with make RoadBlasters highly enjoyable.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1989)
This is not the definitive race-and-raze game we were all expecting but an acceptable offering for fans of the coin-op.
LynxneXGam (2004)
Okay, für heutige Verhältnisse bietet auch Roadblasters nur ein minimalistisches Gameplay, was gleichzeitig aber auch einen ganz eigenen Charme beherbergt. Schade nur, daß Atari bei der Portierung die Steuerung so verhunzt hat und nicht zumindest ein bißchen mehr Abwechslung in das fertige Game gepackt hat. Rennspielfans können sich die mittlerweile recht seltene Cart ja trotzdem mal ansehen!
LynxGénération 4 (Feb, 1991)
Je ne suis pas franchement convaincu par cette adaptation certes fidèle d'un jeu somme toute assommant, qui présente des défauts difficiles à faire oublier.
Like the arcade, the player has the option of beginning the game at one of three different stages depending on the difficulty they want to start at: Bubble City, Forest Area, or Desert Region. Mileage may vary, but feel free to take a spin with this challenging but fun vehicular-combat title.
Atari STPower Play (May, 1989)
Endlich ist die ST. Version von Road Blasters erschienen. Sie macht zwar nicht so einen Mordsspaß wie das Automaten-Original, kann sich aber durchaus sehen lassen. 3D- Grafik und Steuerung kommen gut rüber, der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist aber etwas zu niedrig. Gute Spieler werden sich deshalb rasch langweilen.
70 (Jun 27, 2004)
Road Blasters will, hopefully, keep you playing for years to come. I never thought that this game would still be fun after a decade-long absence of it, but it was. The same things that attracted me to it then, attract me to it now. The gameplay is just as fun now as it was then, and to top it off, I'm noticing things now that I never noticed then. Things like the balance you will have to find if you hope to beat the game. While you can go through like a bat out of hell for the first few levels, as time goes on, you'll have to balance out insanity with rational thinking. A paradox if there ever was one. Hopefully, you'll find that delicate balance, if not, then keep playing until you do.
The graphics are virtually vectors, with little filling in. This means the speed is kept up but there's not much in the way of colour. It's probably a bit tougher than the C64 version, but it's none the worse for that. Spectrum OutRun owners will be relieved to know this is a much better conversion than that was. Coin-up blasters should be satisfied.
Roadblasters is nothing special graphically, but overall control and playability is good for this type of game. On later levels the gameplay gets quite tough but not to the point where it becomes unplayable.
GenesisVideo Games (Apr, 1992)
Auf den ersten Blick sieht “Road Blasters“ zwar ganz spaßig aus, entpuppt sich aber schnell als relativ anspruchslose Raserei mit eintöniger Magermixgrafik. Besonders realistisch geht‘s nicht gerade zur Sache: Euer Flitzer explodiert nach Anstupsen des Feindes, kann aber nicht soweit auf den Seitenstreifen fahren, daß er auch mit Bäumen zusammenstößt. Einen gewissen Spielspaß will ich dem Tengen-Modul dennoch nicht absprechen. Dank des schnellen 3-D-Scrollings und der vielen Strecken wird man nicht gleich wieder zum friedlichen Radfahrer. Wer den Klassiker mag, der wird mit einer soliden Umsetzung bedient.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Oct, 1988)
For all of its bad points, most of which are down to the graphics, the Spectrum 48/128 version of Roadblasters does have playability. It is this all-important factor which sets it above the Commodore 64/128 game.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (May, 1989)
This is not the definitive race-and-raze game we were all expecting but an acceptable offering for fans of the coin-op.
Atari STST/Amiga Format (May, 1989)
Probe aren't best known from their racing games. Outrun might have made it into the number one slot, but no-one really took it seriously. But Road Blasters looks set to change all that, especially since it's coming under US Gold's new £14.95 umbrella. Graphics aren't spectacular - another Probe problem - but there's an addictive gameplay there and that's got to be a good omen for the forthcoming Outrun Europe release.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (Aug, 1988)
Grafik und Sound der Heimcomputer-Version darf man natürlich nicht mit dem Automaten vergleichen, aber selbst für C 64-Verhältnisse sind sie nicht gerade optimal. Das Spielgefühl leidet merklich darunter. Ein gewisser Unterhaltungswert wird jedoch geboten, aber „blind“ würde ich die C 64-Version auf keinen Fall kaufen.
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1988)
However, you can't help wishing that US Gold had entrusted the conversion of this excellent coin-op to a better programming team. The truth is that both Out Run and now Road Blasters have to be ranked as fairly average conversions. Both games deserved a lot better.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Sep, 1988)
However, you can't help wishing that US Gold had entrusted the conversion of this excellent coin-op to a better programming team. The truth is that both Out Run and now Road Blasters have to be ranked as fairly average conversions. Both games deserved a lot better.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK) (Sep, 1988)
Roadblasters saving grace is its playability. The car is highly manoeuvrable within the limiting confines of the road and it can really move when it has to.
NESMean Machines (Nov, 1990)
I liked arcade Roadblasters a lot, but I'm afraid this Nintendo conversion is a b-i-g disappointment. It looks like Roadblasters (albeit with very fuzzy graphics), and it even sounds like Roadblasters (but without the speech). But it certainly doesn't play like Roadblasters. The original coin-op was challenging and addictive - this version certainly isn't. It's incredibly easy, and I finished the game on my second go with over 1,500,000 points! And once you've completed the game, there's nothing to draw you back to it.
NESNES Archives (Jul 13, 2001)
As the grade says this isn't a terrible game, but it sure isn't great. If it was cheap and if you collect NES games, you may enjoy it for a little while. It's far from the worst available.
Commodore 64Tilt (Oct, 1988)
Le concept est intéressant mais, hélas, la réalisation apparaît particulièrement lamentable. Les graphismes sont indignes du C 64, avec des décors pauvres et des sprites affreux. L'animation ne vaut guère mieux et on n'éprouve aucune impression de vitesse. C'est dommage de gâcher ainsi un jeu qui aurait pu être passionnant.
Commodore 64ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Sep, 1988)
Überhaupt ist das Spiel eine einzige Zumutung für denjenigen, der schon einmal Pitstop gespielt hat. Selbst das schöne Scrolling des abstrakten Straßenrandes kann nichts mehr retten. Hier ist einfach zu viel übergangen worden. Außer der Tatsache, daß sich hier mehrere Autos auf dem Bildschirm bewegen, hat das Ganze aber nichts mehr mit einem Autorennen zu tun. Das Geld wäre jedenfalls zum Fenster hinausgeworfen. Am besten schnell vergessen.
Commodore 64Commodore Force (Aug, 1993)
No, please, take it away! I won't beat around the bush - I dislike this 3D race-cum-shoot-em-up with a passion - a passion born of disillusionment, that so dull a product could ever a shop-shelf fill.