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RoadBlasters Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The level select screen
A game in progress
Extra weapons are flown in...
Collect the green sphere for extra fuel
Watch out for those armored cars!

Amstrad CPC version

Level 1
Car approaching
Shot down two cars
Get the green sphere for more fuel
Approaching a checkpoint
Watch out for the turret gun
Crossed the finish line
Every now and then, a hovership gives you upgrades
Obtained an U-2 cannon
Driving past a mine
Level 3
Nice car
Ran out of fuel
Level 4
Nitro Injector
Motorbikes rule the road

Arcade version

Title screen
Stage select
Pick up green spheres for extra fuel
The finish line
Post-lap stats (plus free tips)
Opponents? Shoot 'em down
Crash and burn!
Some enemies drop red spheres for even more bonus fuel
The "U.Z. cannon" in action
Biker's about to get it
Fun with cruise missiles
Watch out for mines!
Those purple cars have tougher armors
Turrets watch over a tight turn
Jeeps: a potent source of road rage
Electro-shields equipped
High scores

Atari ST version

Title screen
Level selection screen
Starting level one
That flying thing will drop useful weapons
Aw, out of gas!
Green balloons means extra fuel
Crashing into other vehicles is bad for you and your car
Completed level one!
Calculating bonus score
Firing at enemy cars
Water on the road
Level four
I got a high score!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Choosing a track
Forest sector
Getting a better gun
Bonus fuel
Bubble city, shooting a bike
Finished a lap

Genesis version

2nd Title
Easy Course
Hard Course
You get tips at the end of a race.
Exploded on stage 7

Lynx version

Title screen
Select your difficulty
And, we're off!
Finish line.
Rally 1 stats.
Ran out of time. Continue?
Game over

NES version

Title screen
Choose a starting level
Starting a game
Green spheres provide fuel
Level complete!
Some additional weapons are flown in
Most weapons can't destroy the purple armored cars
Oops, a crash!
The high score screen

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Racing on the first level
Blasting enemies
Collect extra fuel and power ups
Oops, a crash
Watch out for motorcycles