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Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen / main menu
Outside the castle
Exploring the countryside...
A bridge over the river
Inside the candy house
A troll bridge
Intro: You are Graham.
Intro: Graham sees King Edward.
A small pond.
A leather pouch.
More water.
Are you a Fairy Odd-Mother? You do look odd.
Goat pen.
Goat pen again.
Climbing down the well.
Getting toasted by a dragon. Tough luck.
Got killed by a wolf.
Creepy forest.
A door in the mountainside.
Carrot patch.
Overlooking water.
Hello there! My don't you look ugly? What is that? You want to kill me? That's not good...
Candy house - I want to eat it!
Flower patch.
An ugly guy wants a toll to pass, must be the early version of an IRS audit agent.
Guess my name and you win the prize!
Climbing up a beanstalk.
At the top of the beanstalk.
Land of the Clouds.
A giant! Run!
Twisty tunnels.
Rocky landscape.
A cabin.

DOS version

Title screen
Outside a house
A woodcutter's sick wife
A mean troll
A dragon is here! (EGA)
A giant? Yikes! (EGA)
A twisty, windy path (EGA)
Hmmm, a candy house... (EGA)
Graham talks to the castle guards in the game's introduction. (EGA)
King Edward speaks to Graham. (EGA)
Nice countryside around these parts. (EGA)
Graham climbs a large tree. (EGA)
Look a nest with a golden egg! (EGA)
The well. (EGA)
Down into the well! (EGA)
Graham swims through an underwater tunnel. (EGA)
A dark cavern. (EGA)
Graham comes out of the cave. (EGA)
The gnome's place. (EGA)
Climb the giant beanstalk. (EGA)
Graham enters the Land of Clouds. (EGA)
A cave! (EGA)
More twisting pathways. (EGA)
I reached the top of the beanstalk!
Fly away with the giant bird! (EGA)
The bird dropped me off, ouch! (EGA)
How can I get that mushroom? (EGA)
Ow! That fall hurt! (EGA)
A giant nasty looking rodent! (EGA)
What's down here? (EGA)
The kingdom of the wee people. (EGA)
How can I get through that little door? (EGA)
Credit. (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Outside the castle... (CGA)
Exploring the land... (CGA)
A giant up in the clouds (CGA)
A dragon is here! (CGA)