Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro video
Main menu
That's how a civil war starts
Archery raid
Raid results
The tutorial features the conquest of Nottingham
I'm sure he'd found more amusing to be imprisoned on a turkish prison
Awaiting orders
The first battle
A guard before a raid, ignoring what lurks behind a tree
Sword battling
The merry men.
Yeah, I think that's pretty much it. No sitting around on your derriƩre like in the original
Raiding a castle
The zoomed-in version of the map
The classic view of the map
Joust stats
"You calling me a buckethead? YOU'RE ON!"
The battle against the sheriff is the first of the "must win" bouts
The sword if he's lucky. Story advances using pre-rendered scenes in FMV.
Preparing to lay a siege
The faster the walls go down, less troops will perish during the siege

Xbox version

Main menu
Prince John is determined to take out every competition for the crown.
Before every event you can check out the controls for that event.
Riders with a money bag give you more money.
This merchant is reporting Robin's heist to the sheriff of Nottingham.
Options for the day
Prepping for a castle raid.
Attacking sheriff of Nottingham in his castle.
Farewell committee to the sheriff
Marian seems to have rather big... ambition.
Wilfred of Ivanhoe joins your forces even though lack of trust is still present.
Collecting money for the king's ransom.
Some static screens are more than familiar from the original game.
One down, two to go.
Selecting your opponent for the tournament.
Winning in a tournament is much easier than in the original game.
Recruiting forces.
Attacking enemy territory.
Battle summary
The goal is not to conquer entire map, but to defeat king John.
Choosing a castle side to attack.
Taking down the castle walls... and hopefully some enemy troops as well.
Final showdown with king John
Robin's conquest for territory goes easy, but with Marian he never knows.