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Robinson's Requiem Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Title screen
Getting the mission brief through FMV.
Ship malfunctions.
Main menu
On the planet, taking our jacket off.
Main panel.
Overhead map screen.
Looks like we've landed in a hazy jungle.
You can look up and down, and pick up things on the ground.
Ah! A fellow refugee.
One-sided FMV conversation. He doesn't look to good.
Crap. He's gone all Teen Wolf on us.
We're wolfman's dinner. Time to try again.
The 3DO port uses a different, sharper 3D engine than the computer versions.
Found part of the ship wreckage. Time to salvage.
The 3DO port is limited in its draw distance. But, hey, look at all these neat meds we found!

Amiga version

Intro sequence (AGA version)
Title screen
Title screen (AGA version)
Main Menu
Main Menu (AGA version)
Starting Point
Starting Point (AGA version)

Atari ST version

Title screen
From the intro
Main menu
The starting location
A lake
The map
A man approaches you
He talks to you
Trying to hit him

DOS version

Intro sequence
Title screen
Main Menu
Starting Point
A typical conversation on an alien planet
The mapping utility is very useful to know where you've been
The cut-scene is pre-rendered
Nice credits screen!
Taking off your pants and throwing them out seems like the best way out of the situation
You see a cave entrance
Waterfall area
You are swimming!
You chat with a guy who can't even afford a shirt
You are killed by a hostile creature
Caves connect the planet's different zones.
The med display indicates we have an infection.
Nice temperate area with pretty trees.
Fill up your water from lakes, but remember to disinfect it!
The automap fills in as you travel.
This cave has some hostile natives.
Attacked by a swamp creature.
The stars in your vision indicate fatigue or illness.
Getting some help from the locals.
Found a sap tree to make torches.

Macintosh version

A spaceship flies through, er, space
Entering the atmosphere
This will be a rough landing
Title screen
Fancy options screen
In the woods
Did I see a human over there?
The main instrument panel
Uh oh, it's the instructor
Dressing up
Going for a bath
The map displays the terrain you've explored
Trying to climb the rocks
Oh no, the bird has picked out one eye!
Now I'm blind
The medical display agrees