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RoboCop Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Robocop's prime directives
Riot in Downtown
Cyborg #1
Damaged Cyborg #1
Target Practice
Disturbance in Old Town. Restore Law and Order
A motorcycle goes over Robocop
Match the suspect on the left #1
The Junkyard
Put the person in that machine out of commission
415 in progress
Narcotics factory
PJ Wrecking should not be allowed to hire maniacs
Outside OCP headquarters
Cyborg #2
Damaged Cyborg #2
Match the suspect on the left #2
Omni Security
Cyborg #3
Save the president
Name Entry

Apple II version

Title Screen
Punch or shoot your enemies
Attacked on an intersection
Attacked from above
Triple Shot Gun
This guy looks familiar...
Seedier part of town
Gotta love the propaganda
Level 2 includes platform jumping
Level 2 Boss is a van (from the movie?)

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Prime Directives.
The Story.
Beat them up.
Crossing the road.
You can use your gun now.
ED-209 as an end of level boss.
Shoot the hostage taker.
Deeper into The Old Town.
Van full of Goons.
Firing Range for the bonus round.
The Junkyard.
Murphy dies..
Robocop born
Big gun
Rescue hostage
Bosses machines
Robocop is strong
Jumping guy with chainsaw
Real wrecking ball
bad guy with jet pack
Shooting gallery
Another boss
Battle mess
Many enemies
Last boss
Game Over

Atari ST version

Splash screen
Title screen
Starting level 1
RoboCop's boot sequence
RoboCop can jump!
Enemies die when running, lemming-like, into RoboCop... both he and they flash green
Armed and ready
Shooting diagonally up at snipers in the windows
Firing a triple-shot against a grenade-hurling assailant taking cover behind destructable crates
These snipers are getting out of hand
Firing off a final triple-burst at my old enemy...
What would RoboCop be without ED-209 as his foil?
Finished level 1!
On to the next stage...
A shooting gallery bonus game!
Next up, level 2
Combat goes fast and furious here in old Detroit
Gathering a weapons power-up
Level 2's boss fight, thugs atop a van
High score table

DOS version

Title screen
The introduction
Beginning the game
Watch out for that motorcycle!
Under attack from above and below
An end of level boss
Look out behind you!
The high score screen
Title screen (CGA mode)
The introduction (CGA mode)
The introduction 2 (CGA mode)
The introduction 3 (CGA mode)
The introduction 4 (CGA mode)
Beginning the game (CGA mode)
Watch out for that motorcycle! (CGA mode)
An end of level boss (CGA mode)
The high score screen (CGA mode)