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Rocket Ranger Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Introduction: 1940, the year the game starts.
Introduction: Hitler and his goose stepping goons.
Introduction: The Nazis are taking over Europe.
Introduction: Cinemaware presents...
Introduction: Rocket Ranger
Flying down to the Nazi desert base.
Flying over the Nazi desert base. You need to take out the AA guns.
Chapter One
The menu
The General
Lunarium checklist
The rocket ranger
Your route with the rocket ranger
You run out of lunarium fuel
The End
Late night at the lab.
Yes Kids, Now you can have your very own rocket pack!
The war room map.
Rocket Ranger away!
Sending a help message.
Chapter 2
Here they come!
Evil Nazi goons trying to fry Jane's brains.
The Nazi Lunarium factory in Germany.
Tied up to face questioning.
Float like a bee and sting like a butterfly... Or was that the other way around?
Tracking a Nazi zep.
The Nazi jungle base.
You need to take out all the machine gun nests.
Sunrise over the Atlantic. Too bad that nasty Nazi Zep is ruining the view.
The doc and his beautiful daughter, Jane.
The Nazi Moon Base!

Apple IIgs version

1940... The year the game starts.
Hitler and his goose stepping armies.
The story so far...
The Nazis are taking over Europe!
This is called a title screen, boys and girls.
Our mild mannered scientist is about to be transformed into a hero! (No, the action type - not the sandwich, oh never mind)
Stuff from the future has just materialized on your desk!
Fort Dix - New Jersey. Your home base of operations.
Tracking the Nazi Zeppelin on your wrist watch computer.
Heeloooo nurse!
The classic damsel in distress scenario.
Let's take on the Luftwaffe!
War room strategic map.
Flying down to the Nazi jungle base.
Shoot out against Nazi gun placements.
Desert shoot out.
The story unfolds.
Rocket Lab - assembling the rocket ship.
Taking a ride to the moon!
Nazi Amazonian women guard the moon base!

Atari ST version

Obey your master
The year the game starts in
Sounds like quite a challenge
Title screen
Top Secret
They didn't think about the name for long, did they?
This time I know it's the real thing, I can't escape what I'm feeling
Main strategic menu
The starting locations of the agents
Spying menu
The current state of play in Brazil
No prizes for guessing the situation in Germany right now
Manage the fuel carefully
Ready to take off
Planes do battle
Long before the film, so they didn't rip the phrase off
Flying freely
Secret weapons against the Luftwaffe
Best to keep the older technology in reserve though
The next phase of battle
Get as many shots in as you can
Here she comes
This'll go down like a lead balloon
Job done
SOS call
The beat 'em up section
Down I go
Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser
And that's the end of that chapter
The evil Nazis are about to fry Jane's brains if you don't do something quick.
Tied up along with Jane in electric chairs. And are about to be grilled by Nazi goons.
ZAP! Ahhhhh!! These Nazis don't play fair!
Flying to the moon!
The Doc and the beautiful Jane.
The rocket is finished!

Commodore 64 version

Your cool stuff to foil the bad guys with.
Sometimes being a hero pays off!
Late night at the lab...
Uh Oh... The Nazis just moved into the white house.
Using your wrist watch to call for some help.
1940 - the year it all starts.
Rocket Ranger away!
Game Start Text
Cineware Presents...
Rocket Ranger!!
The war room map. Move your agents carefully!
Your cool wrist watch will turn Dick Tracy green with envy.
Nazi Zep
The Nazi jungle base.
You have been caught and are tied up to electric chairs along with Jane. Now can you talk your way out of this?
The rocket is ready to rumble!
Text before heading off to the moon.
To the moon, Alice!
The Nazi Moon base!
The credits.
Jane and Doctor Barnstorff.
Traveling the world with your rocket pack.
Here comes some Nazi planes!
The Barnstorffs are being taken aboard a Nazi rocket. You need to stop work quickly before the ship takes off!
Soaring over the desert at night.
Another ugly Nazi guard.

DOS version

The science guy... But he's not Bill Nye.
The Premise
Title Screen
Home Base
Tracking the zepplin
Attacking the zepplin
Dr. Barnstorf and daughter
A spy reports back
Attacking the luftwaffe
WOAH! Where did all of this cool stuff come from?!
The war room map.
The rocket lab.
What do you do next?
HELP ME! I'm falling from the sky!
Knocked out the guard. Now onto the rocket part in the crate!
Sending an SOS signal.
UH OH! It looks like Nazi's are in the White House!
Rocket Ranger away!
Can't these Nazis find better things to do than to torture pretty girls all the time?
Tied up to face Nazi questioning.
The Nazi Zeppelin. (CGA)
Tracking the zeppelin with your wrist computer. (CGA)
Above the waves... (CGA)
The Doc and his daughter. (CGA)
Nazi Jungle Base.
Flying over the desert to get to the lunarium base.
Collect all 5 Nazi rocket parts and now I have a complete ship in the rocket lab.
Taking off from earth to fly to the Nazi base on the moon.
Beating Neil Armstrong by a couple of years.
Arriving at the Nazi moon base.
Nazi mine on the moon. It's guarded my Amazonian guards.
The game tricks you into thinking you've won... But it's not over yet. There are still some aliens to bust.

FM Towns version

"Master of Europe"
Main menu
War Room map
Spy Report
Fuel Depot
Ready for takeoff
Fistfight with Nazi guard
Shootout at the Nazi jungle base

NES version

Title Screen
Storyline of an alien invasion
The Rocket Ranger base menu
The world's situation map. Spies are noted in specific countries
Each mission comes with a briefing
Speeding towards a zepplin
The professor and his lovely daughter
Lunarium must be carefully used, there's not very much of it.
Spies report on the situation within each country
A dogfight erupts
The Rocket Ranger shoots at snipers hiding in a temple
Rocket Rangers sometimes need to punch out their enemy
Game Over. The White House invaded
Your wristwatch computer.
Rocket Lab - Gathered all the parts needed to build a rocket ship.
Flying to the moon in your new rocket ship.
Alien moonbase.
Lunarium mine shootout.
Alien leader.