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XboxGamereactor (Sweden) (Feb 18, 2004)
Att dessa två spel revolutionerat vårt sätt att se på saker såsom upplägg, innehållsmängd och dynamik är det senare årens ogenerade plagiat ett tydligt bevis på. Både The Getaway och det senare True Crime har gjort sitt bästa för att härma det briljanta i dessa två spel. Trots vissa lyckade moment har de inte lyckats knuffa ned Rockstars biltjuvsmecka från tronen. Det finns få gånger som jag fnissar så frenetiskt framför TV:n som då jag bombar bilen utanför spaghettirestaurangen i Liberty City eller går lös med motorsågen till tonerna av Mötley Crüe i Vice City. Det är få gånger jag är så ovillig att stänga av min Xbox som då jag får tredje gången lever livet som benhård gangster i något av dessa två spel. Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack är i dagsläget världens mest prisvärda spel strax efter Half-Life Generations.
XboxGaming Nexus (Nov 11, 2003)
If you've never played the PS2 versions, or you were holding out for the inevitable Xbox port, then you shouldn't hesitate to pick up this bundle. It will provide you with dozens of hours of gaming without putting too large of a dent in your wallet.
Xbox1UP (Nov, 2003)
Either way, the gameplay stays essentially the same, which is great. GTA's go-anywhere, do-anything gameplay design is something that truly shouldn't be missed by any gamer. The GTA Double Pack is a must-have for any console gamer. Unless you only have a GameCube, in which case you're S.O.L.
100 (UK) (Jan 07, 2004)
Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to pinch yourself in this job. After seven hours of solid Vice City yesterday, a realisation dawned upon me that I was, in fact, being paid to play Grand Theft Auto. I shall make a mental note of this joy and remind myself of it every time I get a little pissed off about a dodgy camera angle or wayward enemy AI.
XboxGame Revolution (Nov, 2003)
A few years ago, I went on something of a rampage decrying the nearly impossible task consumers face when choosing a game console. Want Metroid? Then say goodbye to Gran Turismo. No matter which path you take, it seems, you’re going to miss out on tons of cool games.
XboxGamePro (US) (Dec 05, 2003)
This review is not only late, but it?s also pointless?and both for the same reason. Rockstar did not submit advance copies of the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack so that a review could come out at the same time as the game. The company knows, as gamers do, that if you?ve been waiting for GTA III and GTA: Vice City to come out for the Xbox?especially after months of rumor-mongering and poorly kept secrets?you?re gonna buy them regardless of what anybody else says. You want them, and Rockstar wants you to want them. So maybe the GTA Double Pack wasn?t worth the fuss, but for Xbox owners, it?s certainly worth the money.
XboxGameSpy (Nov 14, 2003)
What's better than runnin' over pedestrians, stickin' it to the mob, and blowing up police cars -- all while jammin' to your favorite tunes? That's right, nothing! And as an Xbox owner you can now join in on all that wholesome fun your PS2 and PC friends have been lording over your head for the past couple years. Better, you can do it in what is arguably the best version of both Grand Theft Auto III AND Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That's right, it's like two, two, two gats in one!
XboxPGNx Media (Nov 13, 2003)
If you have the game for PS2, and really like the games, this is a good purchase. You get two great games for the price of one. It is more enjoyable to make crashes and beat people down with the improved visuals of the Xbox Collection. If you own the games for PC, things get a little tougher since the visuals aren’t as big of an improvement. Still though, GTA is definitely a couch game.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Oct 22, 2003)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a game that just isn’t easy to describe, because everyone on the planet will play it differently than the next guy. While linear games are still great, games like Vice City really define the direction that single player games are moving towards – a game with endless replay and thrills. Don’t come in thinking this is more of the same when compared to Grand Theft Auto 3, because you’ll be cheating yourself. Just go ahead and buy it, and experience what is no doubt the best game on the PlayStation 2. While no game is perfect, this is about as close as it gets on the PS2.
XboxIC-Games (Jan 09, 2004)
All in all this is a definite step up from an already well designed and programmed game, and must go down as one of the best games this year, if not the decade, it looks amazing and even better, plays like it looks, the non-linear gameplay works very well, and I doubt you’ll find yourself bored with the radio stations anytime soon either. There’s not much more to say other then if you don’t already have this game, buy it!!
PlayStation 2TotalPlayStation (Nov 29, 2003)
After hundreds of games I've played through since the release of GTAIII, it's still the one that's easiest to pick up and just run around for a while causing mayhem. I truly do believe that these games are priceless, and they'll go down in history as some of the most influential and important releases in the videogames timeline. I'm hoping that 5 or 10 years from now, there will still be developers willing to come back and get a little inspiration from the world that Rockstar North built. I'm fairly certain I will.
PlayStation 2IGN (Oct 22, 2003)
There is little left to say, except that you should already own both of these. And if you don't, Rockstar has just made it easier and cheaper to do. Now, do the smart thing and buy this PS2 bundle, for God's sake.
XboxGame Chronicles (Dec 17, 2003)
Those who may have already played the PC or PS2 version might not find enough reason to invest another $50 and 2-3 months of their gaming life in this collectors set, but if you have never played the other versions then purchasing the Grand Theft Auto 3 / Vice City Collection is a no-brainer.
97 (Aug 10, 2004)
If you’re a gamer who’s new to this console generation, and the Xbox is your first system, I would recommend the GTA Double Pack over every other game in it’s library. Halo, KOTOR… sure, they’re excellent games, but the GTA Double Pack is a “desert island” type of game that you can play for ten minutes to ten hours, regardless of how long you’ve owned it. Even if you’ve played these games on the PS2, you owe it to yourself to see GTA realized to its fullest potential.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Nov 23, 2003)
The Grand Theft Auto Double Pack is a bargain that’s well worth the cash and offers days of gameplay, it’s like a two for one sale everyday. The open, free roam cities and various challenges throughout the areas give it that much more staying power. Speaking of staying power, I forgot to mention how you give your character an energy boost, it involves a prostitute, a ‘bouncy’ car and a secluded area. For the sake of the children I’ll leave it at that. Head over to the store and pick this one up everyone.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 04, 2003)
If you're an Xbox owner who either hasn't played these games or is looking to play them again, the Xbox versions of GTAIII and Vice City are the best ones available. October 22, 2001, was the day that Rockstar Games fired off the shot heard round the video-game world. It was the day that Grand Theft Auto III was released in North America. The freestyle crime-themed game absolutely exploded onto the scene, and the game industry simply hasn't been the same since. A little over a year later, Rockstar followed up on its runaway success with the release of another game from the same universe, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which took the criminal antics from GTAIII, expanded upon them, and set the whole thing in a highly stylized version of 1986.
XboxJolt (UK) (Jan 07, 2004)
Okay, so Grand Theft Auto III and even Vice City is not new. If you've played them before then there isn't much point investigating the XBox version. However, if you've never played either then what this pack offers is some incredibly good value and high quality entertainment.
XboxArmchair Empire, The (Nov 26, 2003)
Definitely for the over 18 crowd, GTAIII delivers a great gaming experience, and at a 2-for-1 price… well, it’s a stupendous dollars-to-gaming ratio. If you have never played GTAIII or Vice City, now’s the time.
XboxDeeko (2003)
As it stands GTA Double Pack won't do the same things for Microsoft as it did for Sony — but that doesn't matter. If you're a die-hard GTA fan, this is a must-own... but you already know that. If you don't own a PS2 or you just never got around to playing these games now is the golden opportunity - deals simply don't come much sweeter.
XboxGameZone (Nov 26, 2003)
I remember reading an article about RockStar games loyalty to the PS2. In it, RockStar stated that the GTA series would be exclusively for PS2 owners. Apparently, this little agreement had a time limit, and ran out. Now, Microsoft is aiming to profit off of arguably the two biggest console games in history, Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In order to compensate for the prolonged release on XBOX, Microsoft is putting the two together for the price of $49.99. Each game is exactly the same as the original PS2 classics, but they do have a few extra features exclusively for the XBOX double pack including faster loading time, cleaner graphics, and the ability to listen to your own custom soundtracks on the GTA radio.
94 (Feb 05, 2004)
Two truly great games that are both landmarks in gaming history. We'll be feeling the influences of their achievements for years to come.
XboxIGN (Nov 04, 2003)
Back in the Fall of 2001, Playstation 2 got the game that would help define this generation of console gaming in Grand Theft Auto III and Xbox fans got…the Xbox itself. If there was ever any way for those two forces to come together, GTA3 on Xbox, there would be a whole lot of happy Xbox fans. It only took two years and the reversal of an exclusivity deal between Rockstar Games and Sony for it to happen, but GTA3 is here along with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in one tidy package known as the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack. For the price of a standard new Xbox game, you're getting the two biggest PlayStation 2 games of the last two years with upgraded visuals, better sound, custom soundtrack functionality and better controls thanks to the Xbox's Controller S. It's like a doubled-up Platinum Hits package for games that were never hits on the Xbox until now. The two games definitely show their age, but the Double Pack is still a very strong value.
XboxXBox-Zone (Dec 15, 2003)
Was soll man zu diesem Hammer noch sagen? Es gibt wohl kaum jemanden unter unseren Lesern, der noch nie eines der Doppelpack-Spiele gezockt hat. Vor allem auf der PS2 erfreut sich die Serie großer Beliebtheit, während die ebenfalls höchst erfolgreichen PC-Versionen standesgemäß eine wesentlich bessere Optik bieten. Auf der Xbox sind nun alle Vorteile kombiniert und werden zusammen in einer fetten Schachtel feilgeboten: eine nahezu perfekte Steuerung (am besten per Controller S), eine geniale 16:9-Unterstützung, wunderhübsche Grafik und kaum störende Ruckler. Wenn ich mir diesen Winter nur ein einziges Spiel kaufen dürfte, dann wäre es der Doppelpack, obwohl ich beide enthaltenen Abenteuer schon zur Genüge genossen habe ...
XboxGame Over Online (Jan 08, 2004)
Many Xbox fans come from two camps: they either have a Playstation 2 or they migrated from the PC world. Those two platforms already have Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City so if I draw a mental Venn diagram from my school days, I can't honestly say there would be many new fans that Rockstar can aim for. Luckily, the Double Pack holds up to repeated play. A title of this size and scope can provide for hours of replay fun. And secondly, it tolls the bell hard for Rockstar to seriously consider the Xbox as a target platform for the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto.
XboxGaming Target (Nov 20, 2003)
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack is an incredible value for the Xbox owner especially if you never ever played these great titles before! These are two of the biggest video games of 2001 and 2002 and now they are complete in one set. It doesn’t get any better then this! These two GTA games are also the current kings of the crime action trend, no doubt about it. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything better in the category. If you haven’t played either one yet then this complete package set is now the best place to start!
92 (Jan 25, 2004)
Österreich hat einmal mehr einen Grund auf seine heimische Entwicklerlobby stolz zu sein. Rockstar Vienna (ehem. neo) hat sich den meistverkauften Titel aller Zeiten angenommen und nicht nur ein, sondern gleich zwei Spielehighlights der letzten beiden Jahre auf die Xbox konvertiert, die selbst die PC-Versionen in den Schatten stellen sollen. Die Rede ist von “GTA III“ und dem noch brillanteren Nachfolger “GTA Vice City“ Wir haben uns die beiden Teile noch einmal genau angesehen und für euch in einem kurzen Tech-Special die wichtigsten Neuerungen zusammengefasst.
91 (Feb 04, 2004)
Wer die beiden GTA Titel nicht schon bis zum Erbrechen gezockt hat, darf bedenkenlos zugreifen. Nie waren die Metropolen auf einer Konsole schöner als hier. Schade nur, dass beide Spiele trotz fehlender Altersfreigabe zensiert wurden. Wer sich das Double Pack kauft beugt sich einem gewissen Maß an Bevormundung, was dem ansonsten attraktiven Paket den dezenten Beigeschmack einer Mogelpackung beschert. Wir raten dennoch zum Kauf!
PlayStation 2Game Freaks 365 (2003)
To be honest, these GTA games are 1 and 2 years old respectively. Even though it was only available on the PS2 during these years, many Xbox owners have either played or beaten it in this time. But despite these facts, you won't find a better game like this anywhere. Still very unique seeing as no other games provide intense gang member action combined with hookers and fast cars. With over 100 hours of total gameplay in one 50 dollar bundle, the GTA Double Pack is a great deal. Even once completed, you can still run around blowing people away. GTA is still one of the most unique and best selling games in the gaming history. It would be a miracle for GTA not to sell in the millions for Xbox in the coming months. Check it out!
XboxGame Freaks 365 (2005)
To be honest, these GTA games are 1 and 2 years old respectively. Even though it was only available on the PS2 during these years, many Xbox owners have either played or beaten it in this time. But despite these facts, you won't find a better game like this anywhere. Still very unique seeing as no other games provide intense gang member action combined with hookers and fast cars. With over 100 hours of total gameplay in one 50 dollar bundle, the GTA Double Pack is a great deal. Even once completed, you can still run around blowing people away. GTA is still one of the most unique and best selling games in the gaming history. It would be a miracle for GTA not to sell in the millions for Xbox in the coming months. Check it out!
XboxTeamXbox (Nov 07, 2003)
If you’ve never played the series, then now is definitely the time to do so as the Xbox GTA Double Pack is the best available. For those GTA maniacs that have completed both games previously there still is enough in the Xbox pack to warrant checking each game out once again, even if it is just for a weekend rental. Now that GTA has made it to the Xbox the real battle begins between Microsoft and Sony for GTA4. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait two years this go around.
XboxGaming Age (2003)
The GTA Double Pack�s concept is sure to mean several mountain-sized money piles for publisher Rockstar Games; packaging together two relatively quick-and-dirty ports for the price of a normal single release is genius. There�s no new content here, but you still have two absolutely fantastic games that have seriously impacted the future of gaming. You can�t go wrong.
XboxX-Power (Jan 13, 2004)
Ondanks alle superlatieven die ondertussen de revue hebben gepasseerd kan ik niet genoeg benadrukken dat het Double Pack echt subliem is. De steden Vice City en Liberty City zitten vol verrassingen, waardoor het elke keer weer een nieuwe ervaring is. Je hebt het nooit allemaal gezien. Er rest mij enkel nog te zeggen dat je dit spel als de bliksem moet gaan halen!
90 (Jan 06, 2004)
Il n'est plus besoin de présenter le phénomène GTA. Riches et procurant au joueur un intense sentiment de liberté, pourvus d'ambiances fortes, d'humour et d'une profusion de détails indispensables et de références multiples, ces deux volets de GTA réunis dans un pack sont pour le possesseur de Xbox un investissement absolument incontournable. A moins de faire partie des rares allergiques à la formule. Quant à savoir lequel des deux volets est le meilleur, voilà une question que l'on préférera laisser à la discrétion de chacun.
XboxXboxAddict (Dec 15, 2003)
Before I begin, Blockbuster doesn't packageboth of the GTA's together... you'll have to rent them seperately. Just a marketting skam! So, I rented GTA:VC and plan on renting GTA3 later.
XboxGameCell UK (2003)
GTA III will last you for weeks (possibly months) and is a must-have game for action/driving game fans.

As with GTA III, Vice City will likely last you several weeks or months, and I actually envy anyone new to these two classic games (especially at the price).
XboxMS Xbox World (2003)
Rockstar have provided Xbox owners an excellent title for players to sink their teeth into.The whole concept behind the release reeks of value for money. For those of you who have already played both versions on PS2 then the feeling of deja vu will become apparent quite quickly. This will result in perhaps not being as excited as those players who have never played either game before. Either way if you are fond of using your own custom soundtracks while playing then this will add to the enjoyment factor of this 2 year old and year old game. I would say that for newcomers to the series that this is an essential purchase. For everyone else I would say rent first and see if the new features warrant a proper purchase.
XboxWorth Playing (Dec 01, 2003)
In a world where nothing is perfect, GTA seems to come awfully close. Replayability, realism, and unequaled entertainment are just some of the reasons why you should definitely buy GTA. And what's even better is that for the first time ever both GTA 3 and Vice City come together in a special double-pack,(only $50!) making this the absolute perfect gift for any X-box owner. If you only buy one game this Christmas, do yourself a favor. Buy the game that everyone is talking about and will be talking about for many years to come. Get one of the best games ever created. Get GTA.
XboxGameplanet (Feb 10, 2004)
Two highly succesful games for the price of one is too good to miss. There is so much to do in either title that they will not be completed in a hurry. A chance to own a piece of gaming history on Xbox.
XboxJive Magazine (Dec 16, 2003)
You'll have fun every time you pick up the controller, even if you die a horrible and bloody death. I guarantee that you won't regret purchasing these games.
90 (GAF) (Nov 22, 2003)
It's GTA on the Xbox: it's about time Xbox owners got a taste of the crime-filled at the center of this series. Granted, most PS2 owners have played these two games to death, but for the uninitiated, the GTA Double Pack offers two games packed with hours of gameplay for the price of one new game. The little gripes keep it from getting a 10, but it's definitely a must-buy for Xbox owners who have yet to take the plunge into the GTA series. Recommended to anyone over 17 (it's rated M, remember?)
XboxGamers Europe (Mar 01, 2004)
Both Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City are as damn fun and brilliant to play as they ever were on their original release. So what if there’s nothing new, by purchasing the Double Pack you’ll be getting hold of two of the greatest releases in modern videogame history for the same price as most of the other tat that’s released nowadays. You can’t afford to miss out on this one.
XboxBoomtown (Feb 11, 2004)
There is much here to recommend the GTA Double Pack - not least the price and the fact that you get two games. If you own the originals on the PS2 then it’s not worth it. If you missed the PS2 versions or where just waiting for the Xbox versions then wait no more, because they have arrived. (Jan 28, 2004)
Abgesehen von der Tatsache, dass Besitzer einer Xbox, die die Spiele evtl. schon auf PC und PS2 gespielt haben, getrost auf das GTA Doppelpack verzichten können, gehört das Bundle in jede gut sortierte Spielesammlung. Technisch im Vergleich zur PS2 aufgepeppt (allerdings hin und wieder mit Rucklern versehen) präsentiert sich das offene GTA-Gameplay auch auf der Xbox von seiner besten Seite. Die Konsolenspiele der Jahre 2001 und 2002 haben auch heute noch nichts von ihrer Faszination verloren und machen einen Heidenspaß. Und bis man wirklich alle Items gesammelt, alle Fahrzeuge verheizt und alle Missionen gesehen hat, vergehen locker über 150 Stunden, so dass man mit dem GTA Doppelpack so viel Spiel fürs Geld bekommt wie nur selten zuvor.