Rocky Screenshots

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GameCube version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Entering my name
Movie mode follows Rocky's path throughout the first five films, starting here with the first fight from the original film
The Itallian Stallion
Spider Rico
Duking it out

Game Boy Advance version

Intro animation
Title screen
Choose your training type.
Pad training requires you to press the correct button combo when it is shown on the screen.
The heavy bag requires you to hit the bag as many times as possible in a minute it is also good for practicing combos.
The speed bag requires you to hit the highlighted button as many times as you can whilst the line is in the red.
Cut-scenes from the film appear to move the plot along.
You can dodge by holding the L-button and moving the D-pad.
The uppercut is quite powerful but has a short range.
The opponent has been knocked down.
Rocky I Vs Dipper Brown
Rocky I Vs Ernie Roman
Rocky I Vs Apollo Creed in the Heavyweight Championship fight
The story progresses to Rocky 2 and you get different colour shorts.
Rocky fighting another boxer who wasn't in any of the films.
Rocky 2 fighting Apollo Creed in the Rematch.
Rocky 3 VS Big Yank Ball
Knocking an opponent down 3 or 4 times results in a Total Knock Out (TKO).
Rocky 3 VS Joe Chan
Rocky 3 VS Vito Soto
The big fight of Rocky 3 is against Clubber Lang (Mr T)
The beginning of Rocky 4 involves Apollo being killed in the ring by Drago.
Rocky 4 VS Chuck Smith
Rocky 4 VS B.Buchannon
Rocky 4 VS Joe Zack
The big fight of Rocky 4 against Ivan Drago though he appears to be smaller than in the film
Rocky 5 rocky tries to stop his new student Tommy Gunn from being poached.
Rocky 5 VS Phil Rodgers
Rocky 5 VS Tim Simms
Rocky 5 fighting his ex student Tommy Gunn.

Xbox version

A montage of clips from the films opens the game.
Main menu.
Quite a selection of fighters, once you unlock them all.
Movie Mode takes you through Rocky's career.
Gotta fight some chumps to get to the movie fights.
Power moves are toggled with the right trigger.
Knockouts use canned animations.
Each knockout gives you a replay from a few different angles.
You can train between fights to increase your stats.
Playing the mitts training minigame.
The jump rope training. Gonna fly nooooowwww....
Pushing the control stick modifies your punches. Here's a hook.
First fight with Apollo Creed.
You can change the camera from the side view to a shoulder view.
Now THAT's a funny glitch.
CG montages tell the story of each film as a new chapter begins.
Blue stars mean you're stunned. Not good.
Clubber has some powerful punches.
Title fight of Rocky IV.
Fighting Drago.
Stats are given for each player between rounds.
I must break you.
Hold the left trigger to dodge and weave.
Beat Movie Mode to unlock the Rocky Statue. He bleeds sparks.