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Rogue Ops Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu
To start the new game, you have to create a character profile
Opening movie tells how Nikki got this job, and why
Playing tutorial mission to get a grip on controls and moves you can perform
On the way to your first real mission
Getting the mission briefing
Looks like Nikki's gonna have to do it all on her own now
When it's dark, you can use special goggles that let you spot enemy soldiers even through walls
When you're behind an enemy soldier, you can pickpocket him or perform a bone crushing combos
When Nikki performs a close attack, you can see an inside structure of the victim
It's wise to remove bodies of your victims from the bright light
Climbing the pipes is just one of the things Nikki can do
Inside the computer room is where you turn off the laser beams, but have to find a way to distract the guard first
You can zoom in your map at any time, but can't move during that action
Alright, it's time for sanitary inspection
Even though Nikki's good at kicking guards, sometimes that won't be allowed option, especially when they're museum guards on their duty
The guard at the tower spotted you, and your silence gun is no match for his machine gun in the open so act quickly
Using the piano to lure some of the guards in here
Hiding the guard's body inside a crate
Dodging guard patrols somewhere in Siberia
Nikki's pulling a stunt to dodge the rain of an incoming bullets
This crate is only a temporary hideout until the soldiers start coming and throwing grenades at you from all the sides
Someone left the heavy machine gun at the entrance, might just help you fend off the invaders