Rogue - Coco 3/OS-9 VersionContributed by L. Curtis Boyle (750) on Dec 12, 2006.

Epyx left their entire debug mode in the commercial version of the game, but disabled it in the executable file. By changing one byte (and re-verifying the CRC of the program module ROGUE), one can re-enable it. Using an OS-9 friendly disk editor like DED, edit the file and change the byte at offset $4AA9 from a $26 to a $20 (changing a BNE (Branch Not Equal) to BRA (BRanch Always). Then, when you run the game, and get up to the point where you are playing, simply type Control-O followed by Control-Up Arrow. (The first is the letter O, not the number 0). You will then see a little cmd: prompt in the upper left corner. Hit '?' to get a list of the debug commands.

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