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The best puzzler on Playstation. PlayStation ranui taiapa (9)

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PlayStation 20 4.1
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PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Jul, 1998)
Kula World är ett spel som räcker så att det blir över. Det har en väldigt långt livslängd och tvingar en tillbaka gång på gång. Mer kul än så här kan det knappast bli.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Jul, 1998)
If you like a puzzle game then you will just love Kula World. It's fresh! It's addictive! It's gripping good fun! Throw out the Tetris, there's a new Kool-a Kid on the block.
PlayStationIGN (Dec 09, 1998)
Puzzle fans will flip over this gem, and what's nice is the smooth learning curve that should have casual gamers falling over themselves to play it. I have very few complaints. The only thing to ask for is a greater variety of backgrounds and textures to break up the occasional monotony of same colored blocks. Other than that little complaint, Roll Away is an extremely attractive game that's intelligently conceived and executed.
PlayStationGamezilla (Feb 17, 1999)
If you like puzzle games then this is a must buy. If you just occasionally enjoy playing a puzzle game then I suggest renting it first and seeing how you like it. The game doesn't have much for graphics but the simple and addictive gameplay sets it apart from other re-hashed Tetris games and delivers a breath of fresh air. Be sure to check it out!
PlayStationVideo Games (May, 1998)
Fazit: Ein rundum gelungener, umfangreicher (200+ Level), anspruchsvoller und zudem völlig gewaltfreier Titel für die ganze Familie, bei dem nicht nur Puzzle-Freaks zuschlagen sollten!
PlayStationMega Fun (May, 1998)
Mist, zum x-ten Mal bin ich nun von der falschen Stelle abgesprungen, um die andere Plattform zu erreichen. Die Suche geht weiter. So in etwa werdet Ihr ab dem 20. Level agieren müssen. Sind die Levels zu Anfang noch ein wenig einfach, gilt es schon bald, das Hirn anzustrengen. Mit knapp 200 Levels bietet Kula World langfristig viel Spielspaß und immer wieder neue Aufgaben, die gelöst werden wollen. Auch der Zwei-Spieler-Modus bietet einiges an Abwechslung. Die 3D-Grafik ist für solch ein Game gut geraten und bietet in den Extra-Levels eine spacige Atmosphäre. Kritisieren muß man eigentlich nur den Schwierigkeitsgrad in fortgeschrittenen Levels, der für Anfänger manchmal etwas hoch angesiedelt ist.
80 (Jul 08, 2011)
Kula World est une petite perle d’inventivité, capable d’accrocher les joueurs les plus occasionnels, et de torturer l’esprit des plus doués. Si vous cherchez un jeu de réflexion addictif, ou si vous connaissiez le jeu sur Playstation et que la physique renversante de Kula World vous manque, sachez que le soft est désormais disponible sur le PSN pour moins de 5 €. Un prix généreux pour un jeu intelligent et enchanteur.
PSPPocket Gamer UK (May 28, 2008)
Even so, Kula World is an excellent game that has barely aged a day since its original release, and as a budget title it really shines. Indeed, considering how difficult it is to find re-sell copies of Kula World these days (it's classed as a rarity and can fetch as much as £60) its appearance on the PSP Store is all the more welcome. So basically, its a bargain and it's great, do you really need another reason to buy it?
78 (Feb 28, 2005)
Roll Away is proof positive that in an age of high-budget cinematics, voice acting, and photo-realistic game worlds, a simply designed little diversion that refuses to play by the rules can entertain just as well - or better - than the big dogs. Start checking through eBay, the used videogame stores, and the bargain bins to snag yourself a copy of Roll Away immediately. Soon you too will find yourself addicted, whether you're young or old, male or female. You can thank me later.
PlayStationGameSpot (Dec 30, 1998)
That aside, Rollaway is a great game that offers just about all the addiction, frustration, and satisfaction a puzzle fan could ask for. It's originality and strong level design makes it a welcome departure from the norm.
PlayStationCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
Puzzle fans should delight in the addictive nature of Roll Away. But you may have to convince yourself that the game’s challenges are a healthy form of intellectual calisthenics. This is the only way to justify the hours you’ll put into playing it.
PlayStation (UK) (Jan 28, 2008)
Okay, it's not quite greatness in this case, but this is still a fine and oft-overlooked gem from the dustier corners of the PSone cupboard. For the price, it's well worth a look.