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Roman Empire Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Legion Status
Current Generals
Preparing for the Egypt Campaign
Map of the Roman World
A Victory in Gallia

BBC Micro version

Title screen.
Difficulty selection.
Main options.
Inspecting the legions.
Assigning legions to armies.
The countries at the start of the game. Red means not under Rome's control.
Enemy country troop strength.
Battle screen.
Battle results.
The map changes color as Rome conquers countries. Blue is conquered, yellow is contested and red is under enemy control.
Rome is sacked by barbarians! Game over.

Dragon 32/64 version

Title screen.
Game difficulty selection.
Main options menu.
The country map at the start of the game.
Reviewing the enemy countries.
Reviewing the generals.
Assigning generals and legions to armies.
Launching attacks against enemy countries.
An animated battle sequence.
Battle results screen.
Reviewing the campaign against Gallia.
As countries are conquered, they turn red on the map.
Barbarians have sacked Rome! Game over.

Electron version

Title screen.
Choose difficulty.
Main options screen.
Viewing the map at the start of the game. Red countries are not under your control.
The enemy countries and their armies.
Assigning legions to armies.
Launching an attack on Graecia.
The attack plays out with a little animation.
Results of the current battles.
Blue countries and conquered and yellow ones show where battles are underway.
Morale is a little low but overall the war against Hispania goes well.

ZX81 version

Title screen.
Main options.
Viewing enemy countries.
Inspecting the legions.
Inspecting the generals.
Assigning legions to an army.
Reviewing a campaign underway against Italia.

ZX Spectrum version

game starts
List of countries
List of legions
List of generals
Attack on Numidia
Make army
Rebellion in Rome - Game Over