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KOEI is rare example that proves some developers can create better sequals than its already legendary predecessors... Windows 3.x Indra was here (20902)

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Platform Votes Score
3DO Awaiting 5 votes...
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PC-98 Awaiting 5 votes...
PlayStation 13 3.6
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
PSP Awaiting 5 votes...
PS Vita Awaiting 5 votes...
SEGA 32X 5 3.6
SEGA Saturn 9 3.3
SNES 11 3.1
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
Wii U Awaiting 5 votes...
Windows 3.x 12 3.8
Combined User Score 50 3.5

Critic Reviews

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PlayStationGame Players (Jun, 1996)
There's just nothing out there that compares to Koei simulation games when it comes to game depth, I'd venture to say that RTK 4 for the Playstation is the best Koei game ever - too bad it's not likely to inspire any new converts to the simulation game.
SEGA SaturnElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Nov, 1995)
Koei has a winner forcing it's way into the Saturn market. ROTK4 is perfect for all strategy-minded individuals who enjoy driving enemy masses before them (which is a lot of fun when the enemies are your friends in multi-player mode). Custom rulers and generals let you design your "perfect" monarch to lead your empire. The many cinemas are also a welcome addition to this feudel strategy sim. Wanna-be Napaoleons should keep an eye out for this one.
SNESGame Players (Aug, 1995)
Sure, it looks great and for those of us who like this kind of thing, it plays extremely well, but Kou Shibusawa must be able to crank these things out in his sleep and it's really starting to get kind of old.
SEGA SaturnMega Fun (Nov, 1995)
Die taktischen Kämpfe werden durch umfangreiche Faktoren bestimmt, wie beispielsweise die Beschaffenheit des Geländes, welche außer der Fortbewegung der Armeen auch die Kampfstärke beeinflußt. Besonders hervorzuheben ist die Möglichkeit eines Duells, in dem nur die beiden Samurai-Anführer gegeneinander kämpfen. Der Ausgang des Kampfes kann die Moral der Truppen beeinflussen. Die Musik bietet viel Abwechslung, sowohl Kampf- als auch Entspannungsmusik.
SEGA (Aug 13, 2012)
If you feel up for the challenge and enjoy engaging in complex and rather epic strategy games, Sangokushi IV may be right up your alley… IF you’re fluent in Japanese, that is! The high number of stats, hundreds of character and city names, random encounters and a very complex, though atmospheric, diplomacy and intrigue system makes the game completely unplayable if you can’t understand the language. Shelling out around $200 for a used copy of the game may only be advisable if you’re a hardcore collector aiming for owning every single 32X game in existence. If you want to play the game, you’re better served picking up any of the other releases instead. Luckily, Sega fans can grab the Saturn or Dreamcast versions, which have been completely translated into English and also offer three additional scenarios.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US) (Dec, 1995)
The lengthy action is entirely dependent on your head for numbers and your imagination. But if your imagination's up to the challenge, you'll till a successful harvest, lead massive invasion forces or cut deals with hairy foreigners. Can old Romance hold it's allure in a new game system? Only if you're seriously Romantically inclined.
SNESGamePro (US) (Jul, 1995)
Of course, watching numbers rise and fall really has to thrill you to enjoy any Koei game, but this time the enhanced graphics and smooth command interface seem to hide the number-crunching behind political intrigue and battle strategy. Wall of Fire adds spice to Romance.
Windows 3.xScore (Jan, 1996)
Když člověk pochopí všechna pravidla a zákonitosti (což v praxi znamená několikrát pročíst help), získá hra svoje kouzlo a jistě oblaží srdce nejednoho stratéga. Na druhé straně by si leccos zasloužilo drobná vylepšení. Můžu doporučit těm, kteří nelitují trochy času strávené učením pravidel a jsou zvyklí se každé hře důkladně věnovat a důkladně se do ní ponořit.
SEGA SaturnElectric Playground (Jan 26, 1996)
If they come out with a further update of this classic strategy game, I'll definitely be into it. I'm sorry to be so critical of this version because the actual game is quite swell but the speed of things really swiffled my jib! Perhaps Koei, a long time developer of Nintendo products, will port this game to the cart based Ultra 64 - we'll see if the thing flies then. For now though, I think I'd better go take a wee nap.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV is another example of exemplary gaming by the developers at Koei. Strategy fans should rejoice at the release of another of these titles. But, as I have said previously concerning Koei games, they sometimes drag a little and can become quite tedious to play. So don't bother getting this game unless you're interested in no-frills strategy where a smart diplomat can be just as important as a mighty warrior.
After playing gems like Iron Storm, it's hard to look at little icons take damage. Still, the historical aspect is great and Koei fans know what to expect. The best 32-bit Koei game so far is Winning Post for the Saturn, which I love and would highly recommend.
Windows 3.xComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Feb, 1996)
If you are looking for anything fundamentally new or different in this series, you won't find it here. Those who don't know this series might find the excessive micro-management daunting. Those who liked the previous ROMANCE titles, though, will discover that this is the best ROMANCE game yet. The inclusion of new technology (and the resultant weapons), special abilities to generals, SVGA graphics and improved city management, not to mention a very catchy soundtrack, should be enough to entice old warlords back to the Three Kingdoms for another go at uniting the warring states of the Middle Kingdom.
WiiNintendo Life (Mar 27, 2007)
It's hard to really compare RoTK to anything else on the VC at the moment. It is undeniably unique, but I doubt many people will get the full value out of it. It requires a lot of time and effort and much of the game is spent simply keeping check of resources and indulging in diplomacy. If you're after something action packed then steer well clear, however if you feel that the current drop of VC releases fail to tax your grey matter, then you could do a lot worse than download this.
WiiGameSpot (Apr 13, 2007)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a near-impenetrable series of strategy games based on the famous Chinese novel of the same name. However, the series has garnered enough fans over the years to warrant more than 20 different incarnations across platforms ranging from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 2. Now the series has made its way to the Wii in the form of Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire for the Virtual Console. Originally released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, the game is now available for download for a steep 800 points ($8). Just like all the other Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, IV is a dense, esoteric strategy game that can be rewarding, but only if you're extremely patient or well versed in the mechanics of the series.
Windows 3.xPC Player (Germany) (Aug, 1996)
Das Ur-Romance oder auch Bandit Kings of Ancient China fand ich gut. Auf diese x-te Neuauflage in nahezu unveränderter Machart kann ich jedoch verzichten. Grafik, Technik und Bedienung sind völlig veraltet. In Sachen Spieltiefe braucht sich Romance 4 nicht zu verstecken - bis man auf einen grünen Zweig kommt, ist viel kluges Management, effizientes Kämpfen und geschicktes Verhandeln gefragt. Normalsterbliche machen aber trotzdem das, was Chinesen jahrhundertelang um die Verbotene Stadt machten: einen großen Bogen.
Windows 3.xGameSpot (Jun 20, 1996)
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms games were always a little rough-hewn, but managed to succeed nonetheless because of their depth and content. They offered sweeping strategy gaming set in the politically charged atmosphere of China's Warring Kingdoms epoch, with a rich cast of characters and solid gameplay. In each, you played leader of a kingdom, responsible for raising and equipping armies, capturing other cities, increasing the wealth and happiness of your citizens, and forging alliances with other leaders, each with their own unique characters. The goal is to bend all of China under your yoke.
Windows 3.xHigh Score (Apr, 1996)
Det är allt administrerande som Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV faller på. Efter ett par timmars pulande med att utöka åkerarealer och gå igenom de rekryterade personernas tjugoelva olika attribut blev det här spelet för mycket.