Ronaldo V-Football Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The intro features video from the man himself along his rendered counterpart
Title screen
Main menu
Selecting teams
Stadium and match options.
Each match starts with an FMV fly-by of the stadium
Players entering the field, with Brazilian players holding hands, as the tradition says
Rainy night
Hitting the crossbar. Barthez couldn't do anything but look
The man himself celebrating
Nets are well animated
Replays can be used to check goals from any angle
Half time
The Radar is option, but helps a lot
Roberto Carlos hammers someone's legs...
... and is sent off
The usual end-game statistics
It's also possible to play in a Sensible style camera. Great for long range efforts and incisive passes
The offside replay camera
Through passes can solve a game quickly
The European cup
Setting up tactics. Also, Germany has to deal with fictional names.
A backheel pass there opens enough space for a clear shot on goal
A draw makes everybody unhappy
Bicycle kicks entertain the crows and surprise the defenders.
Taking a corner. None of those arrow things