Rotor Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Publisher logo
Title screen
Main menu
Use your training to gain
Starting point
That square must be shot for now
This one has been

DOS version

The title screen.
Choose the next mission on the pocket computer.
This is the - graphically unspectacular -- training simulation.
On the bottom of this room are three crates; one closed, one containing a sun crystal, one trapped with a bomb.
The "Kairo" graphic set. On the left is an attractor, on the right wall lurks a repulsor.
The "Styrene" graphic set. The force field needs to be deactivated.
The "Bios" graphic set... and a lot of turrets.
The "Napaij" graphic set. The laser turrets to the left are very dangerous.
The very last mission has special, techno-style graphics