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Rugrats: Search for Reptar Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

There is no animated introduction, that happens when a new game is started. This screen displays when the game loads and after checking for memory cards the game goes to the main menu
The game's main menu. The background changes frequently and various Rugrats pop up in the corners
The game needs to load each level and mini game so there are lots of screens like this
The training level is useful in helping the player understand the game world which, after all, is what it is there for.
The main game is about collecting Reptar Bars. These are available in the tutorial too
The juice bottle in the lower right corner represents Tommy's health. Bad things like lobsters and geese cost health points, cookies restore health
This is a mini game within the tutorial, throwing pies at Angelica
When the main game starts there's a short animated sequence in which Tommy realises he's missing puzzle pieces, it ends with Tommy vowing to wind them all
After the animation the game again reminds the player of the game's objectives and the controls.
In the game whenever there's a sparkly object it means there's a mini game available. These are graded by difficulty level
This is the Egg Hunt mini game where the object is to run around the house collecting all the eggs before the timer runs out. They are brightly coloured and easy to spot but some are hidden in corners
Finding teeth on the bathroom floor triggers the Grandpa's Teeth mini game.
Grandpa's Teeth mini game. In a short animation Grandpa takes his teeth out so he can scoff the potato salad. The dog takes them and Tommy sets off to find them.
Some toys, like this rocker, Tommy can play with. Others such as balls can often be picked up and thrown
This is Tommy in the maze, still looking for Grandpa's Teeth. The goose is on the other side of the wall yet it still breaks through and costs Tommy health points
When Tommy runs out of health the game shows a short crying sequence and then restarts
Pressing the controller's START button brings up the game save/load menu