Runaway: A Twist of Fate Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Save and Options Screen
Gina at the cemetery
Behind the cemetery
In the tomb
Brian asking Gabbo for assistance
Brian and his roommate
A casino?
Searching the cabin
Gina making a call
Brian in the back alley
In the military
Gina is listening in on the villains.
Ernie can't believe that we refused to take our pill.
Multiple-choice-dialogues - no adventure would be complete without them.
Kordsmeier in trouble.
This guy is an author and works on a screenplay that sounds much like the story of Runaway 1.
The game looks very nice.
In the restaurant Brian does the old switching-trick.
Luanne and Ernie let Gina be and drive away.
The inventory screen.
The inventory screen while controlling Gina