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Film license not without its short comings, but has enough good touches, that fans may get a kick out of it. Commodore 64 Nick Drew (412)

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Commodore 64 5 2.5
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Combined User Score 5 2.5

Critic Reviews

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ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jun, 1989)
The Running Man is an ideal scenario for a computer game, and so if well implemented would be a corker. Has it been well implemented? Indeed it has by cracky - think of an up-dated, 1989 scrolling Saboteur with 128K sound and you won't be far wrong. There are all the fighting moves you'd expect kick, flying kick, duck, throw weapon, and one click to the side on your joystick makes Arnie trot, while two in quick succession make him run which you do quite a lot, actually. At the end of every level you get sproinged onto a logic problem screen which has to be completed within a time limit: it's a sort of 2-D 'switch different pairs of icons about until the pattern on the left is the same as the pattern on the right' type of thingy. Complete it and your energy gets bunged back up to full again, fail to complete it and, erm, it doesn't.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Jul, 1989)
The Running Man is an enjoyable game overall and I would definitely recommend it even if you are not a fan of the film.
AmigaCommodore User (Apr, 1989)
Arnie explodes onto your screens yet again, this time in the guise of one Mr Ben Richards, selected, against his will, to participate in a futuristic gameshow, where the only way you win is by staying alive. Running Man, the game, has you in control of our beloved Arnie in his escape bid along five right-to-left scrolling levels. The intro sequence is probably the most impressive part of the game, and it deserves all the praise it gets. It is nothing short of amazing. It is composed almost entirely from animated digitised scenes from the movie. The producer counts down the start of the show, while random faces flash up on screen. Then come up four short scenes from the movie, closing with the compere, Mr Bald, spinning round, arms wide shouting ‘It’s showtime!’. Then if that is not enough, you then get to see Arnie catapulted down a tunnel in that bullet-shaped box, just after muttering ‘I’ll be back’. This all takes up one of the two disks you get in the packaging.
AmigaST/Amiga Format (May, 1989)
Television is one of those laundred industries where only the pure can venture to the silver screen. One whiff of scandal, a breath of drugs or porn rackets and wham, you have had it. Just look at Frank Bough. Running Man changes all of that by offering criminals an opportunity at superstardom; albeit the pathway can lead towards their maker.
ZX SpectrumThe Games Machine (UK) (Jul, 1989)
Things improve a little on the Spectrum (picture above), character control of the reasonably detailed sprite is slightly better, making it easier to get on. But it's still the basic game concept which lets all the versions down.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK) (Jun, 1989)
The old saying (paraphrased), pretty graphics do not necessarily a great maketh certainly applies here. The makings of a good game are there, but they have been spoiled by frustrating gameplay and poor control.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Jul, 1989)
Sad to say the ST version plays just as badly as the Amiga game. Control of Richards is sluggish. When running he looks as if he's struggling through a vat of treacle.
Considering the potential of the film license, it's a shame Grand Slam hasn't made more of this. As it stands, it's a barely average beat 'em up with a brilliant front end - which just isn't enough to warrant the hefty £25 price tag.
Insgesamt gesehen gehört THE RUNNING MAN nur zu den Standard-Programmen. Durchschnittlich ist fast alles, was hier präsentiert. Die Grafiken sind nicht schlecht, die Animations-Sequenzen ganz ordentlich, der Sound echt gut. Der eigentliche Spielablauf allerdings läßt, ebenso wie die Steuerung, stark zu wünschen übrig.
AmigaZzap! (Sep, 1989)
It is the year 2019, and horror of horrors, the most popular show is an incredibly violent TV series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. What? Arnie's no longer a movie star? This is terrible. He should've retired long before he had to stoop doing TV. Well, the plot is he's a reluctant star (doesn't sound likely, does it?). He used to be a cop, but a wrongful conviction for police brutality has made him Star Runner on The Running Man show. The name of the show is due to the fact that when unarmed contestants are approached by four stalkers, armed with various death-dealing implements, they tend to run.
AmigaPower Play (Jun, 1989)
“Running Man“ ist mal wieder eines der Spiele, bei dem versucht wurde, aufgrund eines prominenten Film-Titels viel Geld aus den Taschen der Spieler zu locken, Grafik gut, Vorspann stimmungsvoll, Spielwitz so gut wie nicht vorhanden.